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  1. certified bruh moment

  2. I was hoping for a different kind of spot the difference.
  3. Cure

    Unreal Sandbox Trailer

    The interesting comment at the end is 'Supports up to 100 slots'. Does that mean it can only reach that amount or they don't recommend any higher?
  4. Source 2 already has 53% of the votes so far so it isn't looking great for those who don't want it to be source 2. Also this guy talks about some real weird stuff on his twitter like TMI.
  5. I can understand the frustration of being ganged up on and not really knowing what to do and then being punished for your actions because of it. Unfortunately, you did have someone to speak to by doing "@ <message>" in game to speak with an admin. If you are ever unsure of how something works or if you need assistance like you said you did then it is best to contact one of us via that system instead of instantly taking it into your own hands. Once you come back from your 4 day ban you should move forward with this mentality.
  6. Based on the reason in the screenshot and length of ban it is likely that you were caught committing Mass RDM of 5 people. When you commit Mass RDM (4 People) you receive a minimum punishment of a 3 day ban plus an additional day for each extra person killed during the offence. Your appeal entirely focuses on the DC to avoid punishment part of the ban and I would like some explanation as to why Mass RDM is included in the message. Until then and I hear something from Alystair I'll be leaving a -1.
  7. Another thing also is the base website D6Holocron also has a wiki feature with lots of detailed information on numerous ships, vehicles, equipment and weapons. The link is as follows: http://d6holocron.com/wiki/index.php?title=D6_Holocron_Wiki
  8. One of the Predictions has already come true. The Sub-Adult Group was apart of the Coalition For Progress. Although we don't really do that cause we don't keep children around on the Chimaera . Although it would be cool to see some of the others.
  9. Neutral For the following reasons: You attempted to use an Alt Account after already being issued a ban. The ban was made by the Community Owner it seems judging by the ban message on your main account and they have already justified why you were banned on the previous appeal. You have apologised for the damage you may have caused at the time. The ban was approximately 1 year ago. If I were to change my decision I would like to hear more from @Wolf and how he feels about you returning to the community.
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