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  1. Ralof: Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border,
           right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that
           thief over there.
    Lokir: Damn you Stormcloaks. Skyrim was fine until you came along. Empire was
           nice and lazy. If they hadn't been looking for you, I could've stolen
           that horse and been half way to Hammerfell. You there. You and me -- we
           should be here. It's these Stormcloaks the Empire wants.
    Ralof: We're all brothers and sisters in binds now, thief.
    Imperial Soldier: Shut up back there!
    [Lokir looks at the gagged man.]
    Lokir: And what's wrong with him?
    Ralof: Watch your tongue! You're speaking to Ulfric Stormcloak, the true High
    Lokir: Ulfric? The Jarl of Windhelm? You're the leader of the rebellion. But if
           they captured you... Oh gods, where are they taking us?
    Ralof: I don't know where we're going, but Sovngarde awaits.
    Lokir: No, this can't be happening. This isn't happening.
    Ralof: Hey, what village are you from, horse thief?
    Lokir: Why do you care?
    Ralof: A Nord's last thoughts should be of home.
    Lokir: Rorikstead. I'm...I'm from Rorikstead.
    [They approach the village of Helgen. A soldier calls out to the lead wagon.]
    Imperial Soldier: General Tullius, sir! The headsman is waiting!
    General Tullius: Good. Let's get this over with.
    Lokir: Shor, Mara, Dibella, Kynareth, Akatosh. Divines, please help me.
    Ralof: Look at him, General Tullius the Military Governor. And it looks like
           the Thalmor are with him. Damn elves. I bet they had something to do
           with this.
           This is Helgen. I used to be sweet on a girl from here. Wonder if Vilod
           is still making that mead with juniper berries mixed in. Funny...when I
           was a boy, Imperial walls and towers used to make me feel so safe.


    Haming: Who are they, daddy? Where are they going?
    Torolf: You need to go inside, little cub.
    Haming: Why? I want to watch the soldiers.
    Torolf: Inside the house. Now.
    [The wagon stops near the chopping block.]
    Imperial Soldier: Whoa.
    Lokir: Why are they stopping?
    Ralof: Why do you think? End of the line. Let's go. Shouldn't keep the gods
           waiting for us.
    Lokir: No! Wait! We're not rebels!
    Ralof: Face your death with some courage, thief.
    [Under the Imperials' watchful eye, the prisoners start jumping out.]
    Lokir: You've got to tell them! We weren't with you! This is a mistake!
    Imperial Captain: Step toward the block when we call your name. One at a time!
    Ralof: Empire loves their damn lists.
    Hadvar: Ulfric Stormcloak. Jarl of Windhelm.
    Ralof: It has been an honor, Jarl Ulfric!
    Hadvar: Ralof of Riverwood. Lokir of Rorikstead.
    Lokir: No, I'm not a rebel! You can't do this!
    [He makes a break for it.]
    Imperial Captain: Halt!
    Lokir: You're not going to kill me!
    Imperial Captain: Archers!
    [Lokir is downed with one bowshot.]
    Imperial Captain: Anyone else feel like running?
    Hadvar: Wait, you there. Step forward. Who are you?
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