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  1. I'll miss seeing you around the server Helsing, but it comes down to what you really want and your own choices. Best of luck wherever you go.
  2. About time! Good to see you going for this position finally. - Great guy to interact with and mature person. - Active and detailed application Big +1 Best of luck with your app!
  3. Audiomachine and Two Steps from Hell have a lot of great orchestral pieces of different varieties on YouTube, but I recommend looking into Audiomachine's work more as they got a nice amount of dark orchestral pieces that come across as very serious, intense and atmospheric.There's also a channel called "Epic Heaven Music" that has various pieces from different composers, might be worth looking into especially with your interest in the use of electronic music as well. One of my personal favourites from Audiomachine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzifeTuMijI Not really interested in being credited, just looking forward to your video with some great music in it. Hope you find what you're looking for
  4. I'll miss seeing you around Sully, from seeing your graphic designs and simply working alongside you in the Media team (when i was in it). Best of luck with wherever you go and hope to see you back someday.
  5. I'll miss seeing you around Uber and a lot of the funny encounters we've had, best of luck with wherever you go.
  6. Insane like "wtf did I just watch" or "wow" haha
  7. Honestly I expected Rickle to sound something like this
  8. See ya my guy. Was awesome being with you in SK/RT back a while ago and was one of the best experiences on the server for me. Hope to see you sometime again and I'm around if you wanna chat.
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