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  1. After seeing that there were only a handful of quiet people watching a good number of participants, we needed some noise. In an effort to bolster numbers, we needed all the lads to be fired up - Might be loud so yeh -
  2. Starship Troopers is one of my fav movies (only the 1st one) gives me the wh40k vibes
  3. Nah wrong way around (got full clip), DT got called to mess hall for something else so when they left Mud Trooper Gang took their spot then one of us got chopped so we split.
  4. Not sure about that one chief
  5. Found a bunch of old clips from 2019, just mixed them in with 2020 recording stuff enjoy homies zzz // Audio might be loud in parts so heads up there don't sue me ty // - Pulse -
  6. +1 Best of luck, impressed with your application as well.
  7. It is time. But on a much more serious note, a mess hall regiment would be hype. The true soldiers of the Empire are the ones slapping out food
  8. Same reasons as mentioned here, but will be at just Neutral for the time being instead.
  9. Pretty much this but also needs all members putting in the effort rather than a select few. I enjoyed my time in the media team however, still got the trailer I did for Rancor back then
  10. Thanks for all your hard work Wolf
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