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  1. +1 Good man with a weird (almost creepy) obsession to make squads and repeatedly invite you to them on the server. Other than that, he is suited for this position! Best of luck
  2. +1 Nice amount of detail and decent examples, would love to see more. Best of luck with your app! - Pulse -
  3. Same from me as well and I also like that you take inspiration from other games with your creations. Best of luck with your app! - Pulse -
  4. Love the look of this, seems like something that could benefit a lot of people in their regimental/individual projects.
  5. I'll miss having you around Mongo, best of luck with wherever you go and hope to see you again homie.
  6. Not trying to sound harsh, but it's just a bad and pointless rule period. Completely removes the need for climbswep entirely, since you could hold the whole "disorderly conduct" for anywhere else you want to drop down/climb from. It's also just weird going to the elevator and seeing a couple people watching it just to make sure you press a button. It's a bit too much
  7. I like your PAC's, they're interesting and are mostly unique for the most part. They don't need to be mind-blowing either and I think you show great potential to gain more experience/skill/ideas with PAC3 if given, all based upon the above examples. I think this is the most important part personally, as it is a learning process. I'd like to see the Dark Nova Trooper PAC expanded on more and other examples over time would be great to see. +1 Best of luck with your app!
  8. Yeah this seems just like a weird approach to me as well, it feels like they are avoiding the Old Republic at this point and this is their alternative.
  9. Just my two cents, treat it however you like. Giving cloak to Bailey ain't the smartest move especially in this scenario and definitely shouldn't have been done, I'm sure Wingza already knew this though. Giving Bailey the stuff needed to make his escape was probably not too wise in this moment. But around 8:10 in the Chapter 2 vid, it looks like Misahu is deliberately trying to bump into a guy who he shouldn't know is cloaked in that exact spot but does. I'm guessing after a quick look into the logs to check if he was given cloak or not. I don't need to mention the third person camera abuse either, since some others already have talked about it before me, but both of these statements are not the main topic here. One party went overboard with their actions and the other responded by also going out of line but not about on the same degree. I'm also guessing SK/RT got pretty peeved when Bailey threw on the invisibility cloak and pulled a harry potter. An apology from the main party is all that's needed here imo and some reflectin, anymore than that and this will lead to long-term heat between the involved people which no one wants. Drama sucks
  10. +1 from me as well, best of luck
  11. I remember doing something for Rancor during the time I was in media team a long while ago, might have the vid around now that I think about it.
  12. Good series, had a lot of fun with the Trails of Cold Steel games.
  13. Started to wonder how insane the films would get if the server was "in" them, here is the end result - Depending on how high your volume is, might want to turn it down for this one - A few short clips from the movies, just chucked in random encounters from the server. Enjoy! IG in the Star Wars Movies (Dubbed).mp4
  14. Same from me and your app has good detail. But as others mentioned it would be good to have more examples, other than that, your PAC's look nice and you have a good understanding of it. Best of luck with your app
  15. Interesting how this turned into a personal jab anyway.
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