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  1. Just gonna say this now I’m going to take a break from imperial rp for a fortnight or two because I feel like 80% percent of the server is just unnecessarily very mean and hostile to me,over the past three months I’ve tried to conduct serious rp on the server which is hard since I’m blacklist from every reg except medics which various commanders tell me at tryouts, I still get called names simply because of my voice and my actions from 9 months ago, a few days ago medics accepted me but the regiment instantly started copping a lot of sh*t for me being in accepted, as of now I have resigned
  2. ( Yes I know its early but I asked Whitey and said its fine) Steam Details Steam Name: Eazy E Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:73100920 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/EazyMothafuckingE/ In Game Details In Game Name: Bibleman In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Stormtroopers Ban Details How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: Medifex What date did the ban occur: 15/12/2018 What was the reason for the ban: Minging constantly and gaining 18 warns over the year. Explain the s
  3. " Dont judge on new fools with a quickness, because there aint no cure for my sickness I got paid for the way i did this , like a g star the OG star A real playa named eazy and i lived my life straight crazy dont need to no punk force payin me and money and hoes didnt faze me I took two steps back and released myself and put platinum and gold on record shelf I didn't brag but i talked how i straight up iz and before you leave my friend handle your business and dont get caught slippin under or you might wonder If G's need me to show them the way ill sh
  4. Just sit back relax and grab your seatbelts
  5. Name during ban: Bibleman Steam Id: STEAM_0:0:73100920 Reason for Ban: Minging ( Constantly) Hello today I was recently banned under the reason of mining ( which I do admit I commited) , if you do not know the name Bibleman you might know me of my previous rp names over the years ( lycan, Tupac, Eazy E, Ali G etc). I do admit that i was mining extremely bad towards other people and there is no justifiable reason it should have been done. The Reason I have decided to ming lately because over these past weeks my friends have recenetly started playing gmod swrp
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