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  1. Bibleman__ I used to play on minecraft Earth I was the governor of Sicily
  2. @Delta what do you think of del meeko's death
  3. Rise of Galvatron Part 1: Chapter 1:1 As the rain poured around Bibleman, he slowly drove to the high security holding facility kindly named " The Maw". The facility is quite the distant from any neighboring towns for security purposes so it will take Bibleman a few hours to reach it, as he drives through the small streets that stretch out throughout the fields around the town of "Big Shaq" he wonders what is install for him ahead once he finally gets debrief on the entire situation. After a long night of travelling he finally is close and sees the flashing lights of the fa
  4. GuEss wHo's gOIng to do StaFf Sergaernt App WhEN ThEY Get bAcK
  5. Hehe... he doesn’t know I’m corporal in ST
  6. I am very proud of Helsing making this post because I believe that men's health is an issue that is not spoken about very often and is often disregarded. For out nearly the entirity of 2019 I was in the lowest point ever in my life and there were a few days and nights that I contemplated doing things so I can understand those feelings people have. I personally never got help since I believe that I should deal with it on my own ( I'm better now) BUT 100% everyone/anyone experiencing a hard time MUST go talk to someone, you might feel weak or a p*ssy but sometimes you just got to do things.
  7. Check out all 5 episodes of Series one which are much bigger
  8. Sike!!!! you guys thought I forgot about it but I didnt, the prelude is a bit short since Ive been really busy but I have planned out the whole comic from start to finish to expect regular updates and sorry for any spelling mistakes @Tonberry Prelude Lore-Background Chapter 1:1 The continent of HyperBorea was once a peaceful and intelligent empire which had colonies stretched throughout the world but then came the war... between strange extraterrestrial half organic/half robotic lifeforms who called themselves the "Thetacons" , led by the 11 foot tall
  9. Im willing to help since my uncle has a farm about 600-500ks south-west roughly from Brisbane and it was nearly destroyed by the fires. But the main problem with these fires are the stupid Greenies/Environmentalists they decided to stop funding to the Fire department and those Environmentalists told the fire/ other bush services to not burn excess fuel during the winter months because it would "hurt the ecosytem" its not like the Aboriginals were conducting controlled fires for thousands of years. Greta Thunburg even said its "Australia's fault for not helping with climate change" and its lik
  10. My favourite moment on IG 2018 It was a cool quiet night on Naboo... A few civilians had opened up a hotel on the citys WESTSIDE, little did the imperials know that an organ harvesting operation was happening in the basement of the hotel. Eazy E and 5 other civilians captured and locked up 8 imperial officers in the basement behind a chainlink fence. When the sith found out about this one inquister tried to save them and was gunned down by the Westside massif, the next 30 minutes was a intense siege battle with the doors being barricaded. When we ran out of ammo we started throwing human
  11. @Dramon prepare to get smoked by the westside massif
  12. https://discord.gg/vvRESXe-join the gangs discord and be interviewed to join the gang
  13. You came back when Bibleman is a Corporal.... times have changed my friend
  14. WELCOME TO THE LAST CHAPTER OF THE FIRST (YES FIRST) BIBLEMAN COMIC Chapter 4:1 Bibleman was following Krennic for hours now, he managed to track him down to the small mountain town of Axion Nexus. He stops at a small off road and proceeds to call officer JimBob and tell him what has happened. " Hello Officer JimBob, I have tracked Krennic and his followers to the small town of Axion Nexus, I dont know how many guards Krennic has but this town houses a powerful ally, the great"Ultra Magnus"...., hes the last Marsch
  15. @Sully I got kicked off forums in the middle of making it cuz telstra is crap so I lost everything but Im remaking it and also the trailer picture for the second comic
  17. I just realised that I turned the Bibleman Comic from a meme story into a very dark super hero story @Tonberry @Luigi
  18. Bibleman


    Welcome Healthy Harold have fun on IG but remember "My rap skills will leave you struck, I role with my kitties and im Hard as f**k" Bibleman 2019 Big up urself and have da fun
  19. @Dramon dw I got u planned I just couldnt fit u in in this one
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