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  1. +1-probation period In my opinion, it only takes a few weeks after your ban to realise the error of your ways. I vote +1 due to the appealing 'appearing' as if he is meaningful in this apology.
  2. Staff bias is a real thing.... free all my homies on ban appeal
  3. Mate, I respect your opinion but you don’t know who is religious/ deeply religious within the IG community ( like myself) for all we know, there could be Muslims, Christians, Hindus within our community and to blatantly post something like that is pretty disrespectful to anyone religious in IG and makes you look pretty arrogant and stupid. A person with a high position within our community shouldn't publicly denounce religion as a 'Scam'. Show respect to others and dont be an inconsiderate degenerate.
  4. I am deeply religious (surprising, I know right)
  5. https://discord.gg/FbzVVX88 hoi4 game tomorrow night join


  6. https://discord.gg/fYQj3nv9 like 15 ig players in my hoi4 disc
  7. Soon us 2017/2016 players will all be gone…
  8. Make regiments easier to get in to. Don’t lie to someone and say your application is under review and make them wait for nearly 7 weeks to just deny them. Also the ship, is so fucking boring, if there’s no event on ( which is usually bland and super generic “ oh no pirates”, “ oh no rebels”) it gets super boring and makes me leave after 5 mins.
  9. And me just chilling the end on Cybertron
  10. I feel like the Faction server is kinda dead, like most nights it only has like 3-4people on it on average. Its also a bit hard to raid when the majority of the player base is in two factions ahahaha. Sometimes I also feel like the map is too big for the population. Apart from that I like the server but I feel like the population is a bit of a issue tbh
  11. Can we create the CIS @Kristofer@Cecil
  12. You would be suited working in a morgue 😐
  13. If you like films why aren’t you working on the IG film project🧐
  14. Medicine, studying past few years to get into a pre med course then med. Always wanted to be a doctor since I was a kid. But I have one problem. Whenever I ask someone if they would trust me as a surgeon they would often not reply... very weird.
  15. Be me> Last year I had my appendix swell up on a Friday (Appendix attack). Nothing happened but but they put me on painkillers for the next few days. So for the next few days I was going to the gym, went to a party and went to school. On Tuesday, I wake up and my "basketballs" were in so much pain and they were swollen. I couldn't fucking walk unless I was like cowboy for about nearly 2 months and bathroom was painful. I felt like I was kicked in the nuts by a metal foot for about 2 weeks. So what happened is that when my appendix swelled up, it caused all my muscles on my groin and su
  16. Never had a soft drink and never will drink bear, wine and everything else like that
  17. HELLO IG It is me Bibleman once again filling up general discussions. I have created a little project that I think all of IG can play a part in and enjoy. After watching many old gmod movies from 2012-2014 I came up with the idea of creating an old fashioned gmod film, a film using dozens of members from IG members. I have already organised the selected maps and mods. However, the script is still in development. But before I go ahead with finishing the project, I wanted to know if people would actually act in certain roles for the movie. I have listed the open roles below. I will include
  18. Pictures taken from the mini event at Eazy E's Players club in Ryloth city. All the troopers lived it up while a ISB had a sad chat to a civilian. All the boys, such as Strix, Stevo, Ardat and others broke it down on the dance floor listening to Michael Jackson Some DT members had a nice relaxed night with some compnor troopers, ST's and a lone civilian A BAR FIGHT!!!!!! ISB ISB commander pours his heart with alcohol talking about his ex wife who left him for a jawa that had a speeder. The commander told a lot of sad
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