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  1. Crusader Troops :() Yellow and purple markings They would specialised in fighting advanced battle droids and would hunt down still active droids ( Thetacons :() ) units from the clone wars
  2. Watch should be the next bibleman comic, Im bored and I will have alot of free time for the next few months so gimmie an idea, here are some I thought up 1: Continuation aka Rise of Galvatron pt3 2: Galvatron: Origins 3:Sentinel Spin Off ( If you remember that guy from S1 back in December nearly a year ago) 4: What Bibleman was doing in between Rise of Galvatron PT1 and PT2 Spin off 5: Or something new entirely within the "Bibleman Universe'
  3. lmao just get rid of like half the regs. Then people will be in army haha and stop making new regs every few weeks
  4. The king I have always know has died. Rip King Wolf. Long Live the KING!
  5. You joined the server after this stuff was happening, I made a deal so I had to finish the second series of stories
  6. Here it is as promised and is dedicated to my old friends @Tonberry and @Ragetank. I also expect @Bailey to have a 200 word review in the comments These events take place 4 years after the Rise of Galvatron PT 1 chapter 1 The distant cries of birds can be heard echoing throughout the jungle canopy. Large giant fungal spores litter throughout the jungle floor and grow tall into the sky while small beams of light shine in from the dense jungle treetops. A girl in her late teens slowly navigates up a steep rock ledge with the dense jungle, holding onto the vines and
  7. @Bailey ur in it btw. Be ready for 12 pm Tuesday
  8. you also need the 10,000 word - bibleman Rise of galvatron pt 2
  9. If theres a new IG minecraft server for 1.16.1 I will make Rise of Galvatron pt 2 ( if anyone remembers that) @Kumo
  10. @Bailey @Kamelieon That is an excellent point. I have been playing on this serer since Jan 2017. I been through so much but it always comes back to the fucking grey hallways and now more than ever people dont speak to you. No one speaks. As @Auzii said everyone for at least 6-8 months now is sucking up to ISB and tries to be ISB. Everyone fucking wants to be the centre of attention and everyone wants to look cool within ISB. I have been in ISB ( admittedly for only a week because I accused the Emperor of insurance fraud) but people suck up to ISB. Everyone is either some type of security
  11. You coudlnt have said it better. Its exactly like that for me
  12. I thought I was the only one thinking this 6 months ago. Server felt different round Christmas. The vibe was and still is just off. #Bringback2018-2019IG
  13. Hello everyone! Most of you will not remember me or know who I am but it is I Bibleman, I used to play IG alot for two years under many names but I have taken a long break from it since I am gr 11 and trying to get a high enough ATAR for either acceptance into a degree of aviation or computer science but enough about that. In the light of the civil/ race riots in America, Australia and around the world I thought it would be a nice reminder to long time members of the server to remind them of the great storm trooper rebellion of December 2018. This rebellion was organised by me and stormtr
  14. As we all know the new IG Minecraft server is an instant success and with the server always having a large player base active at any given time we have seen multiple towns,cities and nations arise in the past week. Much like history when growing city states emerge there is often conflict between one another over land, resources or political feuds but a way to mitigate these problems is into creating a Minecraft senate ( our own Galatic senate) in which each city state ( or independant player) will have a seat at the new Minecraft senate where issues can be spoken about, grand building project
  15. Bibleman__ add us bruh
  16. This might be enough to finally bring bibleman out of retirement
  17. every year more people leave
  18. I thought you were making a league of legends team lmao
  19. Bibleman__ I used to play on minecraft Earth I was the governor of Sicily
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