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  1. Never had a soft drink and never will drink bear, wine and everything else like that
  2. HELLO IG It is me Bibleman once again filling up general discussions. I have created a little project that I think all of IG can play a part in and enjoy. After watching many old gmod movies from 2012-2014 I came up with the idea of creating an old fashioned gmod film, a film using dozens of members from IG members. I have already organised the selected maps and mods. However, the script is still in development. But before I go ahead with finishing the project, I wanted to know if people would actually act in certain roles for the movie. I have listed the open roles below. I will include
  3. Pictures taken from the mini event at Eazy E's Players club in Ryloth city. All the troopers lived it up while a ISB had a sad chat to a civilian. All the boys, such as Strix, Stevo, Ardat and others broke it down on the dance floor listening to Michael Jackson Some DT members had a nice relaxed night with some compnor troopers, ST's and a lone civilian A BAR FIGHT!!!!!! ISB ISB commander pours his heart with alcohol talking about his ex wife who left him for a jawa that had a speeder. The commander told a lot of sad
  4. I have decided I shall do the gmod dance at my formal afterparty. 

  5. It has come to my knowledge, that I made Nova too friendly and 'fully sick'. That is why I was banished from Nova back into the realm of the tyrant Strix, I must now accept my fate that I shall be doomed to this realm for all eternity with Strix as my stormtrooper overlord. (This is IG meme, no harm to anyone)
  6. @Kristofer https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=188740988 map link I think this is it
  7. I’ll msg you the map tomorrow in the morning. The map is basically a hospital but it is twice the size of the ISD, it has 3 different levels and the main level is as long as the bridge to the nose end of the ISD and it’s all filled with rooms, vent system, 3 working elevator systems, speakers and lights. I recall it’s last resort hospital but I will msg you it tomorrow. edit: it’s not just 1 hallway, there’s about 10 individual massive sections within the first floor, different medical wards, admin area, surgery ward and more and 2nd floor is a prison and third floor is a evil me
  8. (Cool event idea idk) An Imperial garrison, stationed upon an Imperial World situated on the outer rim, suddenly received an emergency SOS signal from a remote, and highly secretive Imperial research base late at night. The research base, was a small Imperial medical research base, called by many as 'Blackwell Outpost'. It sent a voice transmission, filled with screaming and distant cries, however the quality of the transmission was incredibly poor, making it impossible for the garrison to understand the words spoken by the medical worker. In quick haste, the garrison commander order a
  9. Finland is the current successor to the Roman empire. In a sense of political continuity 

  10. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. lol mad!!!!! Lord Megatron laughs at the inconsistencies of your punctuation. (Also much love to all the boys backing me up)
  12. Strix did after a bunch of people said I should take his role. Lowkey had the rank longer than he’s been on the sever haha
  13. After spending 45 minutes in a prison cell tonight and being wrongfully demoted by a jealous ST commander. Him being jealous of my unprecedented levels of swag and coolness. I have realised that I must leave behind toxic ST and join a new regiment of swag troopers. I officially state that my friendship with stormtroopers has ended and Nova troopers are my best friends.
  14. I will never forget meeting Kris in 2018. He called me elevator man
  15. Doesn't anyone think there's too many regiments now and half of them always just have one person. I know this is controversial but I think there should be like a cut down. IDK just a thought
  16. Imperial Gaming as become a police state, every reg has tasers and cuffs hahaha Figure 1: Depicts brutal Compnor troopers beat down on innocent Storm trooper's *This is joke*
  17. Favourite Games Top tier- 1 rust (2.5k hours, still bad), ark-500 hous, World of Warcraft- like somewhere in 2k Second- Total war-rome, Attila and HOI4 EU4
  18. I'd 1v4 your whole hero team as grievous, your HvV team would just be free xp
  19. YO YO POTATOES ITS BIBLEMAN okay to make it quick, I was thinking that IG should have a tournament for SW BF2 and this would be kinda cool. We can have like 4v4 or 2v2 HvV and the winner could get a prize at the IG end of year awards for like "best lightsaber duelist" or something. Sorry if it doesn't make much sense, I just thought id just spit out of here before I forget. PS: We should make it only lightsabers only cuz they would be cool. I dont wanna be duelling Anakin as Dooku and get a cringe Han solo rolling around and shooting at me
  20. Ill miss you dirthi, but u forgot me :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
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