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  1. May Bibleman, the lord of minging guide your future
  2. Yo check it At the moment im taking a break from Imperial RP and considering rejoining in about a fortnight but I was just wondering if people care if I'm back on the sever but I probably wont return if a large majority of people dont want me rejoining the community, I dont want to ruin any role playing experience for anyone simply because of my inevitable actions (I'm sorry its just who I am \_0_/). I would greatly appreciate if I receive HONEST Opinions about me possibly rejoin the server. Regards from your Holy Crusader Bibleman
  3. You were the only ISB Agent to successfully re-educate me (after 3 and a half hour early of course) nine months ago no one will or ever shall come close or ever succeed where you have. You where one of the few people that was kinds nice to me which was appreciated more than you would know, good luck in life MY MAIN MAN RIVERS. Best Wishes Bibleman
  4. Just gonna say this now I’m going to take a break from imperial rp for a fortnight or two because I feel like 80% percent of the server is just unnecessarily very mean and hostile to me,over the past three months I’ve tried to conduct serious rp on the server which is hard since I’m blacklist from every reg except medics which various commanders tell me at tryouts, I still get called names simply because of my voice and my actions from 9 months ago, a few days ago medics accepted me but the regiment instantly started copping a lot of sh*t for me being in accepted, as of now I have resigned and won’t return for a while, in the end I just wanna say thanks for the few kind people on the server Regards Bibleman/Eazy E
  5. ( Yes I know its early but I asked Whitey and said its fine) Steam Details Steam Name: Eazy E Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:73100920 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/EazyMothafuckingE/ In Game Details In Game Name: Bibleman In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Stormtroopers Ban Details How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: Medifex What date did the ban occur: 15/12/2018 What was the reason for the ban: Minging constantly and gaining 18 warns over the year. Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: The situation that lead to my ban was an admin finding my large warn ( 18 from the start February I think) history and especially over early December and Late November I achieved 7 warns in 30 days intentionally trying to get myself banned so I could start a new account fresh and finally be able to play seriously with my friends on the server. It was highly immature and idiotic for me attempting to get intentionally then expect so easily get around the Ban. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I believe that I should be given a second chance because I really love and enjoy playing on Imperial gaming ( nearly two year in Feb) and especially right before my ban I had a lot of friends ( I also had enemies). I also believe that I was able to entertain some people that might be finding the server boring at times or if it was just very quiet and provide some enjoyment and I was also able to provide some small rp events or passive RP , this what some members of ISB and some death troopers have stated, even though you might think I am a minge I created passive RP Events for security regiments and was always willing to comply and Rp with my punishments consistently, having an RP character that willing performs in-character punishments creates exciting and genuine RP experiences for others. I mainly want to be given a chance to prove to the people that looked down at me on the server that I aint some minge named Eazy E or Bibleman, I am also willing to put behind my old feuds with people in order to make a better experience for my peers on the server and rewrite my wrongs to rights. "Even the slightest signs of forgiveness are stronger then the most powerful hate" Bibleman s2 2003 Regards Eazy E
  6. " Dont judge on new fools with a quickness, because there aint no cure for my sickness I got paid for the way i did this , like a g star the OG star A real playa named eazy and i lived my life straight crazy dont need to no punk force payin me and money and hoes didnt faze me I took two steps back and released myself and put platinum and gold on record shelf I didn't brag but i talked how i straight up iz and before you leave my friend handle your business and dont get caught slippin under or you might wonder If G's need me to show them the way ill show love to them" Eazy E
  7. Just sit back relax and grab your seatbelts
  8. Name during ban: Bibleman Steam Id: STEAM_0:0:73100920 Reason for Ban: Minging ( Constantly) Hello today I was recently banned under the reason of mining ( which I do admit I commited) , if you do not know the name Bibleman you might know me of my previous rp names over the years ( lycan, Tupac, Eazy E, Ali G etc). I do admit that i was mining extremely bad towards other people and there is no justifiable reason it should have been done. The Reason I have decided to ming lately because over these past weeks my friends have recenetly started playing gmod swrp and taking it seriously. I wanted to play serious rp with them but I coudlnt because I had around 18 warns ( yes i know its alot) from over the past two years, even though some can be justified as my fault around 10-13 are because of a biased super mod called " Blitz" and "Gold" ( his steam account was named Major_LeeWasted at that time) and told people to ban and warn me multiple times. He was extremely against me and tried to get me banned on every way possible, he once got me banned for 3 days from doing a salute bind wrong and once followed me for 2 hours waiting for myself to do something wrong and would either warn me or ban me on the smallest offences ( liked if i walked into a certain area) I repeatedly tried to ask his reasoning for this ( this would result in a warn of staff disrespect) and didn't respond and continued to issue me with unwarranted bans and warns until I eventually left. Like i said recently over the past few weeks i joined swrp and tried to play seriously but every time I tried to join a regiment I would instantly be turned away because of those previous warns. An example of this is when i tried to join shadow guards and DT but I would instantly got rejected because of those past Bans. Then I decided to act like a complete Ming and get myself banned then make a new account so my past could be erased and I could enjoy the server with my friends. I do admit that i was intentionally minging to get banned and I did create an Alt account to play on the server and there is no reason I should have done this. I can completely understand if admins would not like to revoke my ban because of these past weeks but I hope they could understand why did this though , I should have not acted childish and went to staff to talk about this biased admin. I also want the staff to remember that I am now very serious towards rping now because of my friends and I hope we can put my past behind us and start a new page. Regards
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