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  1. MonkaS Though this was a leaving post Love you lots Bailey. My time on IG would be non existent if I hadn't met you <3
  2. Simple Idea but quite handy. +1
  3. Risk


    We can finally meet up and rob those KFCs my boy. Welcome back <3
  4. Neutral Leaning towards +1 Pros; - Great guy - works really well with people and is easy to talk to - Fairly detailed Application Cons; - Low play time [unsure if playtime has been reset or not] - Lack of experience Opinion is subject to change Best of luck - Risk
  5. Fizzy although overbearing at times is a good member of the community and knows his stuff +1
  6. Hey @Wolffee, Just a quick heads up that bumps are only allowed 7 days after the latest comment not being your own. No need to worry I did the same thing with my app. Just ensure you follow the 7 day requirement.
  7. Considering this wasn't denied it should be fine to just delete it and remake a new one, so if you'd like i can delete it for you @Aldwin
  8. -1 - Personally I believe you should wait at least a few weeks for everything to cool down before you apply, considering what you were banned for is pretty serious even if it was just a joke.
  9. Neutral Has experience in staffing on Gmod servers Application is fairly detailed I've not seen you around on the server much All in all a fine application, just need to see you on the server a bit more. Best of luck
  10. Quite thoughtful of you, I love seeing people in the community being so open and willing to help, Makes me proud.
  11. Had a few chats with him inside the command sector really mature guy, would be a great addition to the staff team. +1
  12. Risk

    Finally Back

    Welcome back good sir.
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