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  1. See you later Mr.PE teacher, been with you from the start, still here for you. <3
  2. MonkaS Though this was a leaving post Love you lots Bailey. My time on IG would be non existent if I hadn't met you <3
  3. Risk

    Pin Quest-Lines

    Simple Idea but quite handy. +1
  4. Risk


    We can finally meet up and rob those KFCs my boy. Welcome back <3
  5. -1 - Personally I believe you should wait at least a few weeks for everything to cool down before you apply, considering what you were banned for is pretty serious even if it was just a joke.
  6. Quite thoughtful of you, I love seeing people in the community being so open and willing to help, Makes me proud.
  7. Risk

    Finally Back

    Welcome back good sir.
  8. Risk

    The Best Of IG

    Very well done Sterling.
  9. Too much scrolling, unable to comprehend.
  10. Risk

    Rip Born

    Shame to see you go. o7
  11. Risk

    My Skateboard.

    That looks amazing.
  12. Regimental Competition begins in 1 hour!
  13. RP Name: James Regiment: Rancor Rank: Master Sergeant Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/JamesTheLittleMan/ Can you afford the buy in?: Yes Do you meet the requirements listed: All but the time, a few hours off
  14. F For real tho it's a shame to see you leave, haven't even known you for long and I know you're a great guy... Who also likes anime, lots of love for my fellow weeb <3
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