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  1. Thanks Luigi, i look forward to meeting you! 😁
  2. Cutie xx i'll be here for q long time
  3. Its nice to meet you four😁 I hope to work along side you guys one day!
  4. Hey everyone. For those who don't know me, I'm Reckonyn, a PFC in SCAR. My real name is Kyall, im 19 years of age, almost 20. I've gone by other aliases, known as Karm and Pada. I've been on IG a few times but never committed to it until now, because i have a goal for my future on this server and community. Whoever's reading this, i'd like to give you a bit of insight about my SWRP knowledge and experiences. I started playing on TGC's server almost three years ago, from there i went to Gateway, from Gateway to Fade, from Fade back to gateway, and now here to Imperial Gaming. For a while i ran my own server too, along side my friends. It was a JvS server known as Temple Gaming, and it was a disaster. Throughout my SWRP experience i've gained alot of skill, knowledge and maturity. I excel in all types of climb swep, such as: Basic climbing, inclines, wall jumping, wall strafing, narrow obstacles, grappling and roof swep. I also excel in all types of weaponry, and know how to use it and when to use it. My roleplay i think is a strong suite of mine too, i can roleplay security, investigations, interrogations, slicing, repairing, medical RP, etc. Throughout my experiences i've picked up the gist of what every regiment does, and the stuff i've learnt. Security, flanking, Reconnaissance, frontline combat, long range combat, lightsaber combat. I believe myself to have a good variety of skill throughout each of these roles. I also have alot of staff experience, which is where i gained majority of my maturity and leadership skills (aside from being a commander or officer). I hope i get to meet and friend every single one of you beautiful people. Reckonyn, signing off.
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