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  1. Thanks Luigi, i look forward to meeting you! 😁
  2. Cutie xx i'll be here for q long time
  3. Its nice to meet you four😁 I hope to work along side you guys one day!
  4. Hey everyone. For those who don't know me, I'm Reckonyn, a PFC in SCAR. My real name is Kyall, im 19 years of age, almost 20. I've gone by other aliases, known as Karm and Pada. I've been on IG a few times but never committed to it until now, because i have a goal for my future on this server and community. Whoever's reading this, i'd like to give you a bit of insight about my SWRP knowledge and experiences. I started playing on TGC's server almost three years ago, from there i went to Gateway, from Gateway to Fade, from Fade back to gateway, and now here to Imperial Gamin
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