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  1. +1 I've seen and played with Bob on other servers, hell, even managed with him and irregardless of playtime, he is a genuine, helpful, great dude who knows what's what. He has the experience of a lifetime, he is a great mate and serves all communities he plays on with a mature, approachable and rational attitude, I personally believe he would be a great asset to IG, even though I don't play it anymore. And with earlier comments, haven't really seen Bob as someone to be toxic? Good luck legend! "In my books, experience outranks everything" - Captain Rex
  2. my eyes are just itchy I swear
  3. right back atcha. I'll be on now and then, lookin for a good time with the #oldbertgang ahaha
  4. Hey gang, Almost forgot to put this one up, had a blank sheet lying around for a while thinking of what to say. It’s been a couple months and I’m sure people have noticed y’all aren’t seeing me around as much. Lately life has become “crammed” and I’ve branches off to other places (also battlefield 4 is amazing wtf). I planned to upload a massive formal 1500 word essay, but I think I can sum it up quickly and save you the boring read. thanks to: @TomCos - got me in my first reg and was there for me since the start @Planz - <3, nuff said @Peter - god tier and everyone else I forgot or didn’t want to annoy by pinging. Thanks to the old and current COs in order of my regiments: VF Droids (x3) Widow 442 CO 996 / Old IHC legends ISB DT Bounty Hunter Inq Troopers Range Gov ST hehe anyways I’ll sum up the essay in a short confusing sentence: love yall, hmu anytime, have fun, cheers for the laughs, over and out catcha on the flip side legends <3
  5. bert


    Best Of the Best. Goodluck in Yr 11 mate! Thanks for all the great memories and always being up to screw around or do some mega-serious rp. You showed me how to be a great CO when I got lost commanding 442nd (though nowhere near as good as you ;)). You sped through the ranks and made a name for yourself as one of the best CO's there was (or ever will be) and became an amazing staff member. Thanks for the truly unforgetable memories and being such a top bloke. Goodluck in Year 11, Im sure you'll do fine <3<3<3 - Bert O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 "Old Soldiers Never Die; They Just fade away" - Douglas McArthur
  6. Hey all! Just making this to tell everyone that I’ll (IG-88 in game) be on holidays with little to no internet between the 3rd of Jan and the 15th of Jan. If you don’t see me around I haven’t left or anything, just out and about on a holiday. Rest assure I’ll be on within the hour I get back though ;)
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