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    Among Us

    he could even be
  2. Goodbye Mongo, wishing you the best ahead! -forum neighbour
  3. alec

    Missing textures

    This method doesn't really solve it but what you can do is type "mat_specular 0" in the console before you join any server. This would get rid of reflections and most likely the errors that you see for the guns. If this doesn't work then I highly suggest going on the ts and joining the support channel.
  4. +1 Having spent so much time with Ribbit in Medical Troopers, I am able to confidently say that Ribbit is a trustworthy individual with the ability to role play to a high degree. The quality of the responses and examples of this application reflects his dedication and willingness to create RP friendly PACs for the whole server to immerse in. Good luck!
  5. Good bye Ashton, DT will miss ya
  6. +1 Great member of the community to interact with - Numerous PAC examples showing his ability to use the editor to a high degree - Good luck
  7. Neutral Leaning towards +1 Rather basic PACs but always room for improvement
  8. +1 Earlier today you asked me a few questions about my PAC and while explaining to you how it was made, I noticed your high willingness to learn (asking me more questions as we went) which clearly shows to me that you have a lot more potential and room for improvement. Though your current PACs may be simple, I am certain that you will improve greatly in the coming weeks if you dedicate more time to the editor. Best of luck
  9. +1 Though his time in DT was short, I was still able to interact with Mongo and I am happy to say he lives up to what other say about him. Good luck!
  10. +1 Very well put together application made by a very active and respectable member of the community. The current examples are great but can also be improved on, given more time and experience on the editor. Good luck
  11. +1 An active and friendly member of the community! I am certain you are able to use pac to a high level with those examples. Best of luck!
  12. +1 Alot of effort has been put into this application showing your willingness to get pac. Best of luck! p.s those backpacks are amazing!
  13. +1 Great member of the community and amazing PACs showing what he is capable of. ps. thanks for fixing my pac :3
  14. +1 Always have a great time when RPing with Vortex, very creative and friendly. Can't wait to see his creations for RP use.
  15. Bump I would like to take this post to thank everyone for their constructive feedback! I still have a lot more PAC creations that I would love to show so don't be afraid to ask!
  16. +1 Terra is a dedicated and trustworthy member of the IG community and has been a great 2IC in RG. The staff would have a great new addition!
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