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  2. when do I get to dethrone these SEMs with my buddy @Happy
  3. Except it's a double edged sword, people can still crash your game with their pac if theirs is too large of a file size. However it appears to be completely random when this happens. I can definitely say with a positivity as soon as Luigi Crashed last night I saw two MDL files being downloaded on my screen at that very moment.
  4. Hello Imperial Gaming, I will start this topic off by informing you that the topic at hand is directed towards PAC3 users; more specifically TIER 2 users and staff that have access to it's functions. I briefly spoke with Alystair and Luigi last night regarding the consistent crashes that have been occurring lately; whilst no server side crashes, people were still crashing at an abnormally alarming rate, to go even further with this a few members were straight up crashing just by opening up their PAC3 Editors. I have a compressive reasoning behind some of the issues that are going on
  5. imperial gaming clone wars roleplay event manager I would do a 100% better job than @Bailey
  6. Cut off my left pink finger, completely, and half of my left thumb. was operating a table saw, performing maintenance on it mind you; so the stopper was inactive because of this. leaned over to grb my spanner and my knee hit the on button, causing the accident.
  7. Isn't secretary Kenny the asian guy and then you got bashed when someone found it offensive that you put on a stereotypical asian accent.
  8. In precisely 12 days and one month, I get married. it is okay. help me dear god help me
  9. Noted, I was unaware that a change had been made recently to the lawboard as at the time of making the post it said differently.
  10. Simply I understand from the IC perspective of it, as I stated in the original post. I additionally understand if it was specifically for Onship, what isn't specifically inherently known is if it applies to OFF-SHIP / Off Map's aswell; not military base rotation maps, actual event maps. If that is also restricted to the same degree as the onship as it sort of inhibits a lot of functionality of regiments and individuals, if you are able to expand on the usage of specialist equipment during events and or off-ships that are not rotation maps that include a military base.
  11. @DUCKY @Yuri You two are derailing off of the topic of this thread, please take this discussion to PMs or to Teamspeak to prevent flooding with unnecessary replies, cheers.
  12. Hello Imperial Gaming I am fully aware that I do not participate in the community all that much anymore, granted I still occasionally come on and play on the server whenever I am bored out of my mind; this is usually a rarity. However with my latest return to the server it came to my attention that ALL specialist equipment including but not limited to; Explosives, Jetpacks and Cloak are restricted on Ship, whilst it is a directive issued by Grand Moff Tarkin and an IC punishment, I believe restricting such things is absolutely restricting the overall functionality of a lot of regiments.
  13. smh ban this kid for necro posting.
  14. Lets see here... what type of clothes do you buy? Socks. Do you prioritise sneakers over your tops / pants? Of course, I grow very lengthy leg hair, and not enough hair on my feet, my shoes keep my warm down there when the hair fails. Do you think clothing is unnecessary? absolutely, I would love to aggressively compare dick sizes with my fellow man, and ogle at the ladies. Do you think spending a ridiculous amount of money on clothes is a waste? Yes, if you don't get your monies worth out of enjoying it. Do you think clothing itself is for normies? What is a normie, w
  15. can confirm @Mouse makes some pretty amazing artwork if that art trade goes through with you and noodle, I am excited to see what happens
  16. Mongo, How many leaving posts are you gonna make? this is going to be the last one. can't be bothered putting any more effort into this post. so many memories from Imperial and Clone Wars alike, everyone of you out there knows what part you played in my experience on IG and without you guys I wouldn't have kept coming back. I also never would have imagined meeting all the people in this community and learning new things, as all things do I must move on and focus on my life, work is pressing and becoming more tedious to the point that it becomes more like a chore to get on the server.
  17. Additionally I would recommend against using the playermodels for HK-51 as it could lead to some confusion with bounty hunters in said events.
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