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  1. Oh fuck I forgot I got gunned down for dancing infront of the Grand Moff..
  2. @Bailey @SCHEFF We're about to rank up to Tier 4
  3. stormtroopers, stay in stormtroopers.
  4. When do we go back to the clone wars timeline
  5. Mongo

    Death Star

    when do we go to the DS-02
  6. o7 Where's my shoutout.
  7. we should bring back culling fog too while we're at it flawless addon, no issues at all.
  8. for years we have laid dormant, waiting to be released @John
  9. I miss you son

  10. See you in 6-32 weeks Greyback
  11. I remember making a post similar like this a long time ago, it seems these issues are still present within the server. I do not think there it will ever truly be eradicated, but there can be steps taken to prevent it. My opinion will always be the same as it was in this post, and I am glad to see more people realizing some flaws with roleplay and the server again and bringing them up on the forums.
  12. Sounds like me as well. It was a definite pleasure to work under you in engineering so many times, it's rather unfortunate that I left too many times, and I often wonder if I should have stuck alongside Delta many of the times. I miss the old gang of engineers that we hung around with especially the people we worked with in TI-CELPOW under Welshy and Basil as Tarkin and Galen respectively. Wish you all the best Rad cop, with whatever you're pursuing next, and I hope to still see you around on the forums, teamspeak and ingame (whenever the days are that I hop on the server.)
  13. Hmm I don't seem to have you on my 996th family tree somehow I forgot @Eclipse as well
  14. inordinate amounts of coffee, iced coffee, rum and whiskey. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1609090/Drunken_Dad_Simulator/
  15. I had a seizure at 1:40 and I said a line too early at 2:20 but don't worry about it guys please support my kickstarter campaign. yes.mp4
  16. Not sure if it's entirely needed since we have one at the top right of the webpage, which can redirect you to the gametracker page by clicking the ip anyway.
  17. @Tempest be glad we never had that conversation about cybernetic penis's and vaginas on open comms and instead had it in the back of the med bay where everyone in compnor could hear us through the wall anyway.
  18. reddit: the front page of the internet @Rick_Castle @smith
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