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  1. yes dnd on tabletop is apparently good
  2. You’re sound file may have become corrupt try reinstalling the addon or verify integrity of files, its clientside just for you. few people have had similar problems with other weapons
  3. +1 It's an old ban so you have had some time to reflect on your actions and we wont know the cause for sure. Your application could have been more detailed but i'll leave that to the fact that theres no actual ban details.
  4. Neutral You are a well known player of the community but you could be more active. Your application and event ideas are pretty short and minimalistic although having sufficient evidence to run an event. past experience being an event master.
  5. Favourite Character(s): Roku Zhao Zuko Iroh King Bumi Favourite Group(s) of people: Iroh & Zuko Iroh & Toph Team Avatar Appa & Momo Order of the White Lotus The Sun Warriors If you could pick one, what element would you want to be able to bend? Earth; I would pick earth as it would open up several pathways such as metal bending and or lava bending. Favourite Episode(s): The Winter Solstice The Beach Day of the Black Sun 1&2 Sozins Comet 1&2 Are you excited for the new episodes Netflix are producing? I was unaware but will check it out.
  6. Mongo

    Sith News

    Inquisitor Kay was also beat down by several members of the talz early that day.
  7. As great as this might be part of the reason Clone wars shut down was due to from what wolf explained to us that the Imperial Server and the Clone Wars server would collide and imperial would cause cw map changes to crash and cw would cause imperial map changes to crash and vice versa assuming we would require the a server as optimized as imperial to run these events we would have to host the event server on the same dedi and that would cause the issue that Imperial and Clonewars had against each other. Normally clone wars was offered to be held on a game server rather than a dedi but at the end of the day that wont cut it for the event server if this idea was to come together So in my eyes it's highly unlikely this would be implemented due to the issues it may cause.
  8. Neutral Application could be more detailed Ban reason is pretty severe Considering Wolf was the one to ban you i'd wait to see his response before I make my decision.
  9. Cold Drink Water Iced Coffee Milkshakes/Frappes Hot Drink Coffee Hot Chocolate Tea ~ any variant Soft Drink N/A Hard Drink Southern Comfort, Blackheart Rum, Lambs Navy Rum, Generally can drink any beer although Steinlagers and Asahi would be my preference.
  10. Neutral The fact that you had the audacity to just randomly put this in. The ban is old although the application could be more detailed. willing to change my response if improvements are made
  11. Hi Kippy, Good to see you reapplying. You have matured a lot on the server since your last application Your ideas are unique although more effort could go into planning and detail of them I'd say you're pretty active and well known by the players of the server and your application has the sufficient amount of detail and effort put into it to become an event master +1
  12. There's no reason for this to be added in my opinion Shadowtroopers have cloak and a fully automatic weapon that does 200dmg Although they have base st health heavys + hp boosts make you guys op enough in my opinion.
  13. Mongo

    Zeus' Ban Appeal

    As it's extremely unlikely in my eyes that either Kendrick or Carnifex will pop in for this appeal. It has been a year and you have had time to reflect on your ban. As per stated your ban reason was quite a severe offense +1 to an unban with a 1-3 month probation period.
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