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  1. Only consoles I own are the PS2, Dreamcast and a Gamecube. For nostalgia purposes of course
  2. Mongo

    The Best Of IG

    you f**ked up the voice over for skribbl.io
  3. yeaeeeeeeeeeh come join engineers raggy waggy
  4. Mongo

    Master Mongo

    it's shot from luigis pov
  5. me and @Luigialready cracked the code hehe
  6. uh oh I knew that orb was a bad idea
  7. -1 You aren't very well known in the community and the application has been rushed with no effort involved in the process proving to me that you are not responsible or dedicated enough to be a staff member on IG Furthermore any time you've ever talked to me mostly during softrp/downtime you harass me for stuff when I have already told you no.
  8. Job well done Sparx, amazingly well done and an interesting backstory. Good read.
  9. Neutral You are active Somewhat well known Mature PAC Examples fairly basic
  10. You're a good bloke Jaiko but not a lot of people know you, I'm gonna have to agree with Kamelion here.
  11. -1 The appeal feels rushed, with little to no effort involved in creating the appeal, this concludes to me that you are not sincere about your appeal and minged on IG because you played a different server, and if you got unbanned I feel you may just repeat it considering how much time you spent on your appeal. 7 warnings in 3 days is pretty severe and I would have to see a great improvement on this appeal to even consider a neutral Extra: it would be greatly appreciated if you mentioned what your warns were for
  12. The Raid On the Showers The Haunting Couch Angry Anakin Look of Terror Happy Fathers Day Maximum Security Human Centipede Magneto Graces us with his presence Being Pool Safe Depressed Stormtrooper RIP Clonewars
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