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  1. Mongo


    Hey guys this is directed towards the Server Owner and anyone else who has access to the PayPal, I currently ran into this on my server and I should pass it onto you guys, Disabled the option for people paying with echeques, (Non Instant Payments) as they can easily be faked or bounce back, for instance it can show on the Prometheus donation page as paid and not even ever clear the paypal remaining as a pending balance on their echeque forever, Mostly they'll say it'll clear in 1-2 days but You should only accept donations once they actually clear through paypal. And if they do pay with echeques you should contact Paypal and ask if theres any pending balance and if there is it should actually show up as a "payment received on hold" on paypal Hope this helps. Cheers guys.
  2. Mongo


    Alternatively i'd recommend using silkboard. Just want to say they're suggestions and my opinions I am open to everyone elses opinions on these cheers guys.
  3. Mongo


    Hey Guys, Just wanted a place to put all my suggestions for the server. a few of the major ones in my opinion would be Updating your scoreboard, It's nice and all but it's sometimes a bit hard to look at. I'd recommend using ascoreboard (https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/3365) as it can be very useful in Showing which staff are online in a separate tab. Showing the players online and the current map being used Showcasing your rules in one of the tab menus Showcasing the content pack link in one of the tab menus It is also compatible with the jobrankssystem It also allows you to get peoples Name's, Steamid, community links and previous aliases on the server (nicknames) Easy to use ULX Commands on people ingame via clicking their name in the leaderboard Discord server. I am aware that you guys operate off of TeamSpeak but Discord is much nicer as well and much easier to use. TeamSpeak can probably have negative influences on people about all the negative stuff heard about it. Discord is a lot more secure and having a place other than the forums that people can actively communicate via chat or voicechat. As I'm aware a lot of people use discord servers for their regiments and rarely touch the TeamSpeak unless they're cl3+ Custom Chatbox You guys should update the chatbox to something more appealing, Garry's mod chatbox is fine but it feels a bit nostalgic. It's nothing major thought just food for thought. Disable Packages when they've been bought I've seen all 3 bounty hunters get purchased. and yet someones bought bossk again just today. (Two people own the bossk package right now, Jovan and Ramirez, within a 1 day span) You guys can easily avoid this by having someone actively disabling the packages when they are bought for lore characters or just making it disable after being bought (You can re enable it if someone decides to give up their package) Now with quests. I'm directing this one mainly towards ISB I don't have much time on the server but in my time I've been cuffed a few times without consent for "quest progress" as well as being punched to death for their "quest progress" Thanks for reading and I Hope you can take these into consideration.