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  1. Removing most B & C tier lore characters and shifting away from the extremely lore friendly tone of the server would be MASSIVE. Would allow so much more free & creative role play. Also an event server should be number 1 priority and would fix most problems people have with events.
  2. how to make the server fun again - have an event server (yes exactly like that other community)
  3. Stumbled across this gem last night on youtube. It's a free combat/dueling game with a Star Wars mod, it's got customizable lightsabres and characters, few force abilities and pretty nice combat. Thought you guys would appreciate it. webiste - http://playvertex.com/ gameplay - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZODuWtv24E&t=313s
  4. I agree with joining Chimera Squad....excellent profile picture btw.
  5. thank you tackxo very cool
  6. Altered Carbon was sick, one of the best shows on Netflix imo
  7. name change to Curze please
  8. Can I get a name change to therealkarsonwolffe please and thank you
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