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  1. In-game alias: PVT 1042 Hungry (scout), PFC Starved My Steam ID: hungry=STEAM_0:1:105104883 , starved=STEAM_0:0:208838034 When was I banned: [ 03/25/17 17:01:23 ] don't know when the other one was banned Which admin banned me: Tarkin Explain the situation: I had hacks on. A bot aimer and lua bypasser. I was scrolling through my previous console commands looking for stopsound cause I was too lazy to type; opened up bot aim (lua bypasser was already on because I was using it on another server). I accidently killed some people, instantly disconnecte
  2. In-game alias: PVT 1042 Hungry My steamID: STEAM_0:1:105104883 When was the ban: 03/25/17 17:01:23 Which admin banned me: Tarkin Explain the situation: I had a bypasser on from a military server I play on and joined the server while my dinner was ready so I went to eat it and came back banned and notice the bypasser was on. Why do I deserve a second chance: Because as much as I know no one hates me on the sever and I try my best to like everyone and I like the server for the rp
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