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  1. 9 hours ago, Mauler said:

    Surely we get some alien sounds so i can be that one alien dude that just screams. Pac tier 2 gang

    I totally forgot about that, Pao is now a special Rebel class.


    5 hours ago, Bailey said:

    Rebel need to win soz, for RP 

    Doesn't matter who wins, they'll all be blown up at the end.

  2. "Sir, it's Scarif base. They're reporting a rebel incursion"


    On Sunday, 22/08/2021, Imperial Gaming will go through the events of the Battle of Scarif down on the planet's surface.

    We will be moving off-ship to the map GM_bigisland for its tropical atmopshere and great design, very similar to the archipelagos of Scarif.


    50% vs. 50%

    In order to replicate the insane battle that occurred on the surface of Scarif, the server will be split into two teams in order to fight it out on the beaches; The Rebel Alliance vs. the Scarif Imperial Garrison. Battling it out for a victory that won't matter at the end.


    Classes - Imperials



    Your average TK trooper.
    175 base HP

    Equipment: E-11 blaster, EC-17 hold-out blaster

    Keeping you alive.
    175 base HP

    Equipment: E-11 blaster, EC-17 hold-out blaster, bacta injector, bacta grenade, squad healer

    Shock Trooper
    Heavy Weapon Specialists
    225 base HP
    Equipment: DLT-19, Deployable Shield, DP-23 shotgun

    Coastal Defense Shoretrooper
    They'll shorely win.
    225 base HP

    Equipment: E-22 blaster rifle, E-11 carbine, thermal detonator

    Death Squad Death Trooper
    Elite guard of Director Krennic
    250 base HP

    Equipment: E-11D blaster rifle, DLT-19D heavy blaster rifle

    Director Krennic
    The one and only
    500 base HP

    Equipment: DT-29 heavy blaster pistol, a very nice cape.



    Classes - Rebel Alliance



    Your average Rebellion soldier.
    200 base HP

    Equipment: A280c blaster, A280c blaster carbine, DH-17 blaster pistol

    Field Medic
    Keeping you alive.
    200 base HP

    Equipment: A280c blaster, A280c blaster carbine, DH-17 blaster pistol, bacta injector, bacta grenade, squad healer

    Heavy Weapons Specialist
    Packing Heat
    275 base HP

    Equipment: DLT-23V heavy emplacement, E-60R

    Rebel Special Forces
    275 base HP

    Equipment: Westar-M5, RT-97C, DH-17 blaster pistol, Squad Shield

    Baze Malbus
    Devoted Guardian
    500 base HP

    Equipment: E-5c, DLT-23V heavy emplacement, E-60R

    Chirrut Îmwe
    The Force is strong
    600 base HP

    Equipment: Bowcaster, Royal Pike

    His full name is Paodok'Draba'Takat Sap'De'Rekti Nik'Linke'Ti' Ki'Vef'Nik'NeSevef'Li'Kek
    275 base HP

    Equipment: FWMB-10K, E-44



    Game Mode/Objective

    The objectives for this event will not only be control points (Because I know a lot of you are pretty bored of command post events).
    The game mode for the event will be something I'd like to call
    Defend or Destroy.

    Troop transports will be placed across the map belonging to opposing sides, the objective is to search and destroy enemy transports while at the same time standing your ground and defending your transports.
    The Empire will have Imperial gunships, and the Alliance will have U-Wing transports.

    The first team to destroy 10 transports wins.




    We hope to see you at the event tonight. 
    (and hopefully the server doesn't lag too bad)

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  3. As we continue our progression event timeline this weekend, we'll be returning to the Death Star as you'll be aware of if you follow the rotation schedule.

    Due to changes in the server the old Death Star handbook is completely out of date and there's no intention to update it due to the limited time that we'll be spending on the map. A significant amount of work behind the scenes has been done to ensure that we can have the best experience on the Death Star map this month. We've worked to make the Death Star map more accessible and interesting for Military and other branches in a variety of different ways.

    Due to the nature of this progression and the in-character repercussions, we've seen fit to carry over a few of the prior rules regarding the Death Star to 2021. We won't bore you with an overcomplicated rulebook, but we do ask that you adhere to said rules. Failure to obey any of these rules will result in the moderation team taking action.

    General OOC Rules

    • The Exhaust Port is not to be talked about or explicitly referenced in character. 
    • Jumping down the main shaft is FailRP (Doesn't apply if you're FearRP'd into doing so or unintentionally fall in)
    • Hyperspacing the DS-01 without DS-1 Command Staff's (Krennic / Tarkin / Romodi) explicit permission is to be considered FailRP.
    • Firing the Superlaser without the appropriate RP is failRP

    Roleplay Knowledge

    • After the first firing of the Death Star on Jedha City, the stations true name/purpose is no longer unknown to players and may be used freely in RP. However, ISB may punish you in character for its discussion at their digression.
    • After the Destruction of Alderaan, the true purpose of the Death Star and its true name will be more widespread.
    • AFter the Battle of Yavin and the Destruction of the Death Star, the true purpose and name of the station will be public galaxy-wide.

    Also, during testing of the map, we noticed that a small percentage of staff involved with the map setup experienced map differing issues.

    This can be rectified by unsubscribing from the DS-01 Map here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1598263759.
    After Uninstalling go into your gmod maps folder (you can access your local files from your steam properties from gmod). Navigate from the initial garrysmod folder, to the second garrysmod folder go to your maps folder and delete any files related rp_deathstar_v1_2. If you still encounter the issue, make sure to go into your downloads folder, then the downloaded maps folder and similarly delete any rp_deathstar_v1_2 files.

    We hope that you can all have an enjoyable time on the Death Star and make some great memories before it all goes down in a big fiery explosion!

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  4. Omelette fried in oil, slightly puffy, slightly charred, cremated even.

    Resep Telur Dadar Padang, Cocok untuk Sarapan dan Makan Siang

    Beat the egg with chilli peppers, with seeds. Don't throw the seeds away, very valuable flavour enhancers.


    I also like raw egg yolks marinated in soy sauce. 
    Put that over hot rice and mix it in. 


    Poached eggs, french omelettes, and sunny-side up eggs with heterogenous colouration are for people without teeth.

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  5. 4 hours ago, Binny said:

    So like, now that alderaan goes bye bye. What’s after this for progression events? @Kristofer

    Likely not going to be another one in a long, long time. The destruction of Alderaan and our transition from Rogue One will be a decisive one. 
    Besides that, the timeframe between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back is quite the distance, half a year or more I think. 

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