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  1. I remember that. That ISB to the right, that's me. Got the Nova Troopers to dig their own graves for their execution.
  2. PS5 on release Gonna be on PC as well
  3. Why the flipping heck are you using the dollar sign and the credits suffix at the same time
  4. Hello, Imperial Gamers. It's that time of the month again. Rotation schedule for next month will be as follows. And we're looking at a new map! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2542791276 Rotation Schedule: Tuesday 07/09 - Abafar Wednesday 08/09 - Abafar Friday 16/09 - Fort Mithraw Wednesday 23/09 - Anaxes/Abafar Thursday 24/09 - Anaxes/Abafar
  5. I totally forgot about that, Pao is now a special Rebel class. Doesn't matter who wins, they'll all be blown up at the end.
  6. "Sir, it's Scarif base. They're reporting a rebel incursion" On Sunday, 22/08/2021, Imperial Gaming will go through the events of the Battle of Scarif down on the planet's surface. We will be moving off-ship to the map GM_bigisland for its tropical atmopshere and great design, very similar to the archipelagos of Scarif. 50% vs. 50% In order to replicate the insane battle that occurred on the surface of Scarif, the server will be split into two teams in order to fight it out on the beaches; The Rebel Alliance vs. the Scarif Imperial Garrison. Battling it out f
  7. Kristofer

    Death Star

    As we continue our progression event timeline this weekend, we'll be returning to the Death Star as you'll be aware of if you follow the rotation schedule. Due to changes in the server the old Death Star handbook is completely out of date and there's no intention to update it due to the limited time that we'll be spending on the map. A significant amount of work behind the scenes has been done to ensure that we can have the best experience on the Death Star map this month. We've worked to make the Death Star map more accessible and interesting for Military and other branches in a variety
  8. Omelette fried in oil, slightly puffy, slightly charred, cremated even. Beat the egg with chilli peppers, with seeds. Don't throw the seeds away, very valuable flavour enhancers. I also like raw egg yolks marinated in soy sauce. Put that over hot rice and mix it in. Poached eggs, french omelettes, and sunny-side up eggs with heterogenous colouration are for people without teeth.
  9. Likely not going to be another one in a long, long time. The destruction of Alderaan and our transition from Rogue One will be a decisive one. Besides that, the timeframe between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back is quite the distance, half a year or more I think.
  10. Hello there! As you guys are aware from the Community Changelog, Imperial Gaming will be entering a new era of Star Wars. After 4 long years of having Rogue One in our server's title, we've never actually officially been in the Rogue One timeline. We've advanced past Lothal and we've been slowly ticking closer towards the Civil War ever since. I'm excited to finally bring out our next chapter, something that @Jman1308 and I have been working on for the last month. The progression event chain will begin with small world building events, and then slowly transition into t
  11. "But it was so artistically done"
  12. In the morning I brew a cup of coffee from local coffee beans. When I'm feeling lazy I just toss together an instant coffee. This is the brand I grew up drinking and the only brand I can drink now. Every now and again, around once or twice a month, we get this Iced Coffee from a coffee place nearby which sells this really good coffee made of fermented beans. For tea we like to stay away from tea bags and use our own tea leaves. We mostly go with jasmine or oolong, but when we have it in the pantry we make ourselves some Thai Tea. Brew up the tea and add condense
  13. I am Asian but I don't watch anime B)
  14. The trailer took 7 days to make but only 3 days of work B)))
  15. Taking recruits for Kristofer's Imperial Rhydonium Refinery
  16. Everyone in my family's either a doctor, engineer, or something similar to either. So probably dentistry or mortuary science, either or would be ideal.
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