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  1. Hello, Imperial Gamers. Time for the rotation schedule this month. Rotation Schedule: Wednesday 05/05 - Anaxes Thursday 06/05 - Anaxes -- Week Break - Friday 21/05 - Naboo ('Empire Day!') Saturday 22/05 - Naboo Tuesday 25/05 - Fort Mithraw Wednesday 26/05 - Fort Mithraw Thursday 27/05 - Fort Mithraw (Optional)
  2. Those were released like 9 years ago. If I won the lottery I'll get into Warhammer figure painting because fuck that's an expensive hobby
  3. Not a single bad day. Life is pretty pogchamp.
  4. I also have church on those days so idk man
  5. damn, I'm going to be sick those days
  6. Hard to remember. I remember playing GTA SA on my friend's PS2 back in grade 1 and 2. But I think it extends past that. I reckon my first game was on a SEGA Genesis. Played through stuff like Sonic, Flintstones, and TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist. My first PC game was TF2.
  7. Kristofer


    I'm surprised you didn't join pilots. Welcome to the forums!
  8. Your event master application has been accepted Please contact me on TeamSpeak for your interview
  9. If it's gonna be like $20 for shipping of a single snickers bar that's gonna be a no from me chief
  10. yes, if the first place winner is willing to violate their regards to cybersecurity and send me a delivery address via a secure DM, I would be more than willing to send a box of chocolate.
  11. Just make cool poster and post :))
  12. (late)Easter Media Competition Hello Imperial Gamers, Yes, I am aware I'm a bit late when it comes to Easter. Developer Twist (@Twist) is currently looking to rework the Star Wars : Imperial Propaganda content pack. If you are incognizant of what this content pack is, it is a content pack filled with Imperial Propaganda posters that can be spawned and placed around the ship. Unknown to a lot of people, these posters are actually outsources from fan sources such as Tumblr and google images. Now that is not good, so we will be outsourcing poster designs from you,
  13. Hello, Imperial Gamers. Time for the rotation schedule this month. Rotation Schedule: Tuesday 13/04 - New Map ✨ Wednesday 14/04 - New Map ✨ Thursday 15/04 - New Map ✨ (Optional) Wednesday 21/04 - Anaxes Thursday 22/04 - Anaxes Wednesday 28/04 - Titan Base* Thursday 29/04 - Titan Base* *Very malleable
  14. I thought this was a pretty neat song, you guys should check it out.
  15. The End The Lothal Campaign has finally ended with a decisive victory by the Rebels on Lothal, the disappearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn and Commander Ezra Bridger, and the summary destruction of the entire Seventh Fleet. With Lothal falling from Imperial control, Imperial forces have pulled back away from the sector with no plans of ever returning. Survivors of the Seventh Fleet and Lothal Garrison have been temporarily reassigned to the Venator-class Star Destroyer "Bunyip" under the command of Captain Lad Walduel and Lieutenant Commander Whitcur. The Venat
  16. Happy 153rd Birthday dude

  17. Khorne: "The false relationship that you provided in my namesake." Krennic: "..." Krennic: "No." Khorne: "Yes."
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