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  1. @Rad_Cop I never thought I’d see the day. I started believing you were an immortal being after all. Enjoy your well earned retirement
  2. Trust me boys the role of engineer CO is one for true chads
  3. If you had the choice to make your own regiment what would it be? My own regiment: Name: Kappa Clan Description: The boys are mega epic and are basically epic with a side of epic slots: 128 Weapons: lightsaber, ihc pistol, force lightning, cloak, 5000 hp boost, automatic grand general rank the uniform: ez most popular regiment on the server
  4. Kappa

    hello there

    *cough cough* general kenobi
  5. Yoooo Rook's answer has me in tears idk why him calling peoples pc a toaster is so funny to me but it is. "Jay: I don’t think PAC is worth the performance toll it takes on the Server. Cecil: *fart noises* Umm, with that thing in particular, my opinion, and I think Rook shares a similar opinion. PAC rewards the players who have stuck by our community for a long time and there are a lot of people who like to specialise in PAC and are proud of their PAC creations. I think PAC is likely to stay. Rook: pac_enable 0 is an option for those with toaster PC’s, I think if there’s that op
  6. Mongo you were an absoulute lad when you were in engies and your PAC's were top, I'll miss seeing you and you never know, maybe we'll meet again. o7 bro
  7. bro i legit did the same thing to a mate once and he hasn't played with me since :c
  8. That is one hell of a review. Certainly all reviews are bias but especially with a server like this it's all down to your own experience. I can't say I have ever really had a bad time on the server but in someone elses eyes I could be one of the problems. In the end it's all down to the different POV's.
  9. death trooper brutality, make it a reality
  10. o7 archer, I knew you for a lot of time while you were in ISC. You were a great member of the community.
  11. say sike rn seriously bro o7 hope to see you around
  12. Whilst I was in CS I was playing on making a low tier regiment trailer, unfortunately I never got the chance to finish it due to the merge and it seemed to of been redundant but I'm happy to share the product I have. Whether or not CS comes back I guess will never be certain but I hope you enjoy! View the video here: p.s I am very sorry for the awful quality but my pc was kinda a potato Neon Wall Forever
  13. Can we sell rebel blood flavoured chips during empire day? Greatness is the empire!
  14. if this was made into a prop it could be very epic for events
  15. who's cutting onions *Cri*
  16. The new HUD is heaps good upgrade good job boys
  17. I mean, clone wars lasted a reasonably long time as it was (About 4 months I think?) but now the community has expanded far past what it was at its initial release and the server fills up daily and it seems that re-introducing clone wars could actually give people more reason to play on the servers. Massive +1 for all the clone wars boys
  18. Yeah CS don't stand on stage (Except CO)and I think this is a well-put reason to why but i do like your idea of having 1 or 2 on Thrawn.
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