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  1. Maybe it will turn out Rey is secretly Luke Skywalker wearing a costume :thinking:
  2. Brilliantly said Stubzy +1 Good luck Kamelion
  3. +1 reasons stated above Good luck
  4. Kappa

    Potter v Star Wars

    Hagrid v Rancor who will win?
  5. Cold Drink Chocolate milkshake Hot Drink Hot chocolate (of course) Soft Drink The Chocolate coke (I like chocolate) Hard Drink N/A
  6. As expected a lot of -1's have been left under my application, I can honestly say I've learnt since I did the stupid thing of putting them in my app and I hope you can all see that too. I understand if you still feel I deserve a -1 and honestly feel free to leave any type of feedback so I know where I've gone wrong and how I can fix it. I can't change the mistake I made but I hope you understand that what I did then does not reflect my actions now and I have learnt from this and would never do it again. I'll start adding more of my own unique PAC's Feel free to leave comments. - Kappa
  7. Easy +1 - Good guy - Trustworthy - Bit of a minge but pulls through when he's needed
  8. So I've decided to show you all who Kappa really is and how he came to be! click here to access the google document. - Click the link and the bottom of the document after reading for extra backstory info - Feel free to highlight blackened words as they will not ruin the story if seen - I'm not the best at grammar so there probably will be spelling mistakes - Comment your thoughts of it if you feel like it - Enjoy
  9. +1 - All of my interactions with Matrix have been positive - He is very trustworthy - Very serious when he needs to be - I believe he wouldn't abuse his powers
  10. BUMP - Added more PAC examples
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