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  1. +1 - Absolute madlad - Very trustworthy guy - Great member of the community - His examples are pre epic
  2. bro i legit did the same thing to a mate once and he hasn't played with me since :c
  3. That is one hell of a review. Certainly all reviews are bias but especially with a server like this it's all down to your own experience. I can't say I have ever really had a bad time on the server but in someone elses eyes I could be one of the problems. In the end it's all down to the different POV's.
  4. +1 I'm willing to overlook your recent inactivity based off the time I've known you, you're trustworthy and kind so I would have no problem seeing you on the mod team. Good luck Daxx
  5. death trooper brutality, make it a reality
  6. +1 - Great Lad - Trustworthy - Active now wheres my ammo @Razzle
  7. o7 archer, I knew you for a lot of time while you were in ISC. You were a great member of the community.
  8. Agreed! A good member of the community as well, your pacs aren't the only thing I'm giving you a +1 for! good luck
  9. Kappa


    say sike rn seriously bro o7 hope to see you around
  10. Whilst I was in CS I was playing on making a low tier regiment trailer, unfortunately I never got the chance to finish it due to the merge and it seemed to of been redundant but I'm happy to share the product I have. Whether or not CS comes back I guess will never be certain but I hope you enjoy! View the video here: p.s I am very sorry for the awful quality but my pc was kinda a potato Neon Wall Forever
  11. +1 name rhymes with darth maul I guess hes a pretty good lad aswell.
  12. dang bro happy b'day!!!
  13. Can we sell rebel blood flavoured chips during empire day? Greatness is the empire!
  14. if this was made into a prop it could be very epic for events
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