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  1. Yeah CS don't stand on stage (Except CO)and I think this is a well-put reason to why but i do like your idea of having 1 or 2 on Thrawn.
  2. now people wont keep running when i'm trying to talk no mic struggles (ik its a joke dw)
  3. u made me sad when you left engies :C
  4. @hypo Apologies for the misunderstanding but I was referring to what Bailey replied with, Should've been more clear on my end.
  5. He didn't say to delete all his addons just find the weapon's addon and delete it, I have done this before and it works fine
  6. couldn't imagine the server without you thicc boi wishing all the best dude o7
  7. Name: Kappa Server Playtime: 6 Weeks Have you played Mount & Blade previously?: No but I've seen it played and really wanna give it a shot Extra Info: Yes
  8. Kappa

    50 Health Boost

    Honestly not digging on anyone that has done this but yeah. I've bought stuff that sucked then sold it minutes later but I don't think people should be compensated for not liking a weapon as that's on them for not getting the details before buying. Accidentally purchasing something on the other hand is something that's just a pain if it occurs. I'm agreeing with Bailey's Idea to put in a pop-up that asks "Are you sure you want to purchase this item?" before going along with the final transaction. I can also see people taking advantage of a 1 minute timer as many people could sell all their stuff, buy the rocket launcher, and use it for combat then just sell it with no consequence.
  9. Heavily updated since original post. Take a look if ya like
  10. just make money. it's that easy
  11. Fun to read, Nice work. Come back to engineers
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