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    50 Health Boost

    Back when I bought the Dual SE-14s, lime came and told me that the Dual DC-15s are statiscally better. I took his word for it and sold my SE14s for the DC15s. The Dual DC15s are so shit and I realised this so I transferred back and lost 100k from the switching. It wasn't that bad and I've gotten it back now but mean it was annoyinh.
  2. Sorry, I know how to use the jetpack, I've used it as a Astromech and as a Jump Trooper. I know your pain but isn't as much as Climbswep.
  3. Easy Answer: It cant. We were on Anaxes today and me and my SC were climbing the mountain. It takes a while, about 4-5 minutes. At the top, I lagged out and fell to my death. I respawned and ran all the way back. I was climbing up there because there were rebels up there. By the time I finally get up there, I get hit by a Smart Launcher from a Rebel and have to continue the journey again. Ya know what else I had noticed? SKY Troopers decided to go up there as well... except that it takes that 15 seconds to get up there, not a mean time of 10 minutes. But here's the thing, i
  4. Well, perhaps then... Problem is: Currently the regiments of Purge Troopers and Storm Commandos were given 5 climbswep jumps as compensation for losing their grapple hooks, how would this change transition to this parkour mod?
  5. That mod seems pretty exploitive and some aspects are more immersion breaking than Climbswep. Such as you can 'vault a barrier' but you can actually just phase through a solid wall which would make security on the ship nigh impossible. Not to mention that it barely works with Simple Third Person. Also you can nullify the effects of falling from any height.
  6. That meme is Funny Goli. I reckon we just get a new version of the map where we just make it a teleporter pad and star trek this shit up. It would actually hurt lore less than the server lore does (teleports are better change my mind)
  7. Oi lezz do the clone wars movie yeeeeehhhh
  8. Money Grab maybe. Or ways to express individuality. People don't have to do this, it could literally just be something to do that'd be nice. It's not like: Pay money to access the TS/Forums/Server.
  9. Donatable Custom Roles on the TS/Forums. Make em uber expensive or something. They wouldn't have perms except if they WERE a staff/donator/etc the role would have equivilant perms.
  10. If I can head up a project in rp to make a Dyson-sphere to power the DS, I’ll join. I’ll starkiller base this shit... except it will be real.
  11. de_lete ts and switch to skype Switch from invisionzone back to mistforums On a serious note: Have tags for how long you’ve been playing the server for (both on TS and Forums). On forums you can start it from when they made a forum account. Make the forum a bit more phone friendly.
  12. I need to know what I'd get out of it. Lotteries are usually around 50-200k. At 50k, if you win 1/3 you get around 1k, that's already 1000% profit. At just 100 points per ticket, it'd be dumb to not gamble it away. Except the first time I actually gambled IRL, i made huge profit... and then never gambled again.
  13. Ah I pussydon... Man had some good mates and mememories there
  14. Only I can be Super Original and use a Steam card in my signature
  15. The Alleged Crimes Levied on Wingza ARE severe. Hoewever, do note that the accusor has requested that no punishment take place, but if this was the case, why not just set up a meeting between all members involved as well as Management to resolve the situation, without boiling blood and stirring tides. Staff in the past have been demoted for less and although this looks like me justifying a demotion of Wingza, I don't think that's sound. The Crime that Bailey commited in RP would have only served a 5 minute Jail Time. As such - although the situation escalated as all Inter-Branch C
  16. Sorry forgot to say these are my ideas, not the set in stone. Rewards: COMPNOR Command issued Medal The winners of the pro league TDM fight against each other in a FFA/1v1. Also any team with Lime wins.
  17. Hmmm Corvo sounds weird in this video aye. Must've had a cold. But this is Storm Commandos done right but with OG gear which makes me sad.
  18. The Source Engine cannot execute your problem, sir. Please refer to literally any other sandbox game with an Editor to make maps. Also for the most part in the Source Engine, you'd have to remake it using Models/Entities/Textures ported from SWBF2 (classic) as Hammer won't allow you to just pull the map file across (unless they just straight up did an update in the last 7 years without me knowing about it). Also if it WAS possible to get the entire map into Garry's Mod, it'd have to be a 1-3 player server as it'd be too laggy with more than that, also it'd crash alot.
  19. Tell me, what was Operation Overlord like? I remember it from the Dropship Deepstriking the night before to take a certain objective called the Bridge of Pegasus. It was near the Bustling Spaceport City of Caeny. I lost many a good brother that night.
  20. So... you did what I did... except I did it AFTER i failed my final year Kidding ofc, i didn't fail Sad to see you go man, will we see you around or are you gone gone?
  21. Mauler

    Tazers for BH

    My Apologies, I meant a Better idea than Tasers was that idea. However, for balance, nothing would be good. They ARE fine how they are.
  22. Mauler

    That Was Close!

    Good sh*t Bailey, it was only last night that I was reminiscing OG fun sh*t and this sh*ts funny as hell.
  23. Mauler

    Tazers for BH

    A Better idea for this is to have a Stunstick of sorts that Stuns players for 1-2 seconds and blinds them for 5-10 seconds. That way, they go blind and stunned and then you can cuff them. It's better than a taser because you still have to hit them with it. It could be tweaked, such as only stunning when target is below 35% total HP or something.
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