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  1. Anyway, I probably wont play until I get my Endeavor or Polaris, kinda sad I didn't get a loaner Carrack. You have a Carrack don't you @Cody
  2. So currently the PAC is broken on 64bit GMOD's latest update. The symptoms of it being broken is: - If the PAC is bonemerged, the model is floating above the ground weirdly. - There is a spammy FUCK OFF LOUD metal sound scraping that cannot be fixed with 'stopsound' There are 2 ways of fixing it, the first way is permanent and the 2nd way is temporary. 1) Goto Steam Library > Garry's Mod > Properties > Betas > Switch it to "chromium - Same as x86-64" 2) In Console (In Game), disable PAC by typing "pac_enable 0" Note: Just changing which Beta you use typically
  3. Sorry, the post came off aggressive/passive aggressive so I'll say this: It's good to see you back, having come back to the server after you left, I just assumed you were Gone gone. The Adverting SC stuff isn't like how Gamma did it as he just tried to conscript people for his Org, so apologies for the comparison. At the time of the post, it REMINDED me of what he used to do.
  4. I knew there Must have been a reason for Cody's sudden reappearance. Cody, you're just pulling the same string that Gamma used to pull after he resigned from here, its kinda stale now.
  5. Mauler

    I like ISC

    I made the ISC the best before y'all even came ere Chef can back me up
  6. it isn't meant for good looks externally but it does look pretty g on the inside. Also 100% using this for shock breaching training
  7. Time to pick up my old MC deets and make the Brig
  8. Good thing I’ve always used the old one because back in my day, there was only one IP. Bloody IG Zoomers
  9. Funny a ShOcK member stated this All regiments still have their regular duties and kumo explained how the egg spawning works in game. So I'll wait for his response to this post. If Regiments are neglecting their duties by hoarding Eggs, talk to their LC.
  10. Poggers Is this an actual addition as this would actually be good.
  11. Mauler

    Nerf Dio

    I remember back when Dio didn’t have cloak or a bacta injector, it had the old, janky model that was giant but still it was a great role to be, not only the combat but the RP. And then when I was DIO (I think it was 2017), I asked management if I could get the bacta.. I’m not sure what they were thinking but... well coinciding with the new model, it made it really powerful. Nerfing Dio won’t do much good. Actually I think replacing the Bacta Injector with the Stim is a really good idea, it limits how often he can heal himself and others so it isn’t OP. Also lowering his
  12. Mauler

    Shock's Punishment

    Didn't do Misahu so well... Nah its g, I wasn't there so its all good. :crabrave:*
  13. Mauler

    Shock's Punishment

    MAULER!? WHEN DID HE SHOW UP!? This video is funny as f***. The best part of it was me being there. Also a recording of the Sith ExIsTiNg has been released to the Holonet. The Emperor himself even stated how it works. Nah y'all screwed now.
  14. Uhhhhhhhh.... Check yourself you're What are you going to do Aye its my mang man engineer
  15. Encourage proper regimental tactics. Up the reward for Regimental Placings and make those placings mean something. As a Staff team at the Debriefing, decide which regiments stood out that event and chuck them a placing. If no regiment stood out, don't give a placing. At this point, you get 1500 points for a 1st Place Regimental Placing with a max F8 Perk Tree. 1500... you get more than that amount just by playing the event. You get more than that just waiting patiently for the event to be set up and start. Decrease individual rewards and increase regimental awards. Let the regiment
  16. It’s mainly because of the following reasons: - It isn’t worth the commission. - It wasn’t requested in the commission. - They used an application that doesn’t support custom hitreg’s. It IS possible but isn’t done often.
  17. Problem is performance. As you well know the server is straining as it is with the amount of content it currently has. You can add different hitreg directly to the model when making playermodels but it takes a bit more time and experience in making models. This option would be less straining than just adding more addons into the pile we already have. Also if the fight is based off of who’s gun is better, how come Lime is one of the best PvPers in the server and his loadout is meh at best? (Besides his Anti Armour of course)
  18. bruh you cant be eobard thawne. time travel ain't allowed! This aint star trek rp
  19. It would only be feesible for people or rack up 20-50 hours a week on the server, those people can afford to juggle regiments. For Example, when I was a Storm Commando, we set a 10 hour per week activity minimum. I was consistently getting 40-50 hours. We could in theory do it for those select individuals who are most active. just MY 3 cents
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