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  1. This is bad, the situation 2 weeks ago seemed to have been resolved, but the fact that Clover brought it up again seems like there was buried tension. Was @Clover punished at all for saying that you were retarded? The way Delta went about the Admin sit is bad. But why was there an admin sit at all? Was it called up by Clover about the Reg Dis from 2 weeks ago? If so, 2 weeks delay is a long time to call an admin. Was it called up by Cozmo requesting that Clover get punished for his transgression. Honestly, I call anyone and everyone minges all th
  2. This is unfortunate to see, It's even more unfortunate that once it was brought up, nothing was done to stop it. Nothing substantial at least. Are you leaving the server because of this?
  3. Thanks for evidence... @Anderson This is purely defensive.
  4. Huh? What was that!? Who goes there!!??! Must have been the wind.
  5. This is what everyone aspires to be in events
  6. Title speaks for itself, I've seen this issue come up a lot, where someone will say something in COMMS that is AOSable, or even treason, but they'll just void it afterwards. Usually they'll just get caught up in the hype of something happening and then calm down and void it. But when someone goes out of the way to do something like this, there needs to be some form of consequence to saying something like 'KOS the Emperor' or the like. Obviously things like Binds, if a bind is hit, and voided, that would be fine. I'm just suggesting, shit like above, cannot be
  7. I called up the number but got a really weird beeping...
  8. Hmmm, hammer can be quite confusing to the new user, however, if you follow the people Cracked suggested, learn the basics, you can feel your way through Hammer and mapping pretty well. More complicated stuff and I'm sure some of our MANY IG junior dev mappers could lend an assist.
  9. You were pretty g. Good luck Wommunity Manager
  10. I was going to +1 because a community ban is very severe, But the arguing in the replies by the author is... disconcerting. -1
  11. Oh I dunno Delta, we might have to ban this guy, he knows too much.
  12. why am i in your signature? Could it be the abuse?
  13. too bad we don't have scouts
  14. Farmers.. Commune? Sounds Commie to me chief.
  15. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo windows *drools*
  16. Shock Forever trapped on the 2nd Floor. Also we are going to completely lockdown the 2nd Floor. That Octogon will be such a kill box. There will be no way ECs will get past 107th!!.. Nec minut Also that elevator next the interrogation room, is that an elevator that goes only to Compnor HQ? @Guskywalker
  17. Dunno, not sure why anyone would put an idiot like Nemiel in there. Maybe I'm just imagining things.
  18. Actually I DID see a 'Colonel 63-SKCO 44 ● Blazeit' in there, that's not me... right?
  19. I seem to recall Sky NOT being on the top of the leaderboard this time ;P Also love the absolute spam of strip binds from the shock troops, I hate to say it but it's so true.
  20. hey i'm pretty late to the party but at least we don't perma ban people for 2x RDM. also yeh the server (imperialRP) hasn't had new life breathed into it in a long while. Sure you the various overhauls and such prolong it's life but that's it. So can we please get that Lego Star Wars RP or that My Little Pony RP server? Pls and thanks.
  21. cool maths games had better textures -1
  22. Fred really is a dog piece of shit tho lmao, he kept waiting to take me off the hook until he could farm me, what a dog **** though mang
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