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  1. It really depends on the doctrine in my opinion. If you're indoctrinating a racist or (later down the generations) a xenophobe into a xenophile or the like, even forced, I'd see that as positive. However, and there is a big however, you tread a path where you/your society might not recover if you heavily indoctrinate a/the populace.
  2. [IG] You do not have the correct pilot lisence license, [Name]. Please get the correct license first at the Imperial Starfighter Corps [IG] You do not have a pilot lisence license, [Name]. Please apply for one at the Imperial Starfighter Corps. With regards to the posts from Splonter and Chef, it's considered failRP if a fresh stormtrooper jumps in a tie and goes on a rampage. This however can be amended as soon as people (I.e Security) have a way of identifying pilots in a pilot seat, disabling a ship, and forcebally getting them out of the seat, cuffed.
  3. Mauler

    epic SK tryouts

    so, my dream is to revive this and get the boys back but sadly Gmod is long gone for this to return (sk is recruiting join now) (sk is petitioning for the revival of riot, sign up here: Joe)
  4. i dont build and use security checkpoints to defend against attacks, i use em to piss plebs off and get everyone's IDs
  5. dude who knew tinky could scream THAT loud
  6. Your post seems really targetted and aggressive. If you have a problem, let myself, Noni or Theta know (preferably in that order as it's the chain of command).
  7. who saw this one coming this message was brought to you by the Early Access gang
  8. The idea, is that those other than staff can see who placed AOS's far back.
  9. So, the 62nd Shock Division, on the server, will be changing how it works when it comes to dealing with AOSes. I won't explain how here, but you'll probably notice. However, just a few things I want from the rest of the server, When making an AOS on someone, please put a sizable description IF applicable. In this description, we'd like your name to be placed first, sort of like this: [AOS-ADD] High Colonel 62-SKCO Mauler has made Second Lieutenant 62-SKO Sinatra AOS Reason: Mauler - [Reason] Location: [Location and direction headed] (a bit inaccurate but you get the gist)
  10. On topic, the lack of RP, the solution is to make your own, right? Right? Well, it seems that if you do make RP, you are immediately shat on by everyone who sees it as a mild inconvenience.
  11. Give the guy a break, he's new to the server and he has ideas on how to improve the server, showing that he's put the effort into finding ideas to improve it. Honestly, Sub-Regiments are always iffy. There's a reason why they are almost always unofficial, or set up in RP, rather than different loadouts.
  12. I cant get any evidence of Staff team domestic abuse beyond <01:30:14> "Mauler" was kicked from the server by "Misahu" (aboos)
  13. is this evidence of 501st domestic abuse on the forums?
  14. The Sandwich will always be two Full slices of bread. Meaning if it's cut, it's parts of a whole Sandwich. There IS an EXCEPTION to this however, when there are portions of a larger sandwich, but the different portions have different fillings, then they are smaller sandwiches.
  15. E-Web heavy weapon teams were pretty neat, ngl. Nova in legends were baller
  16. I guess straws have changed recently, they used to have 3.
  17. +1, happened a while ago, the fact that you're here appealing for said ban shows merit.
  18. shut up you're shit at pac
  19. How bout Clone Wars Arma 3. But also, we've done TTT, we've done MiliRP x2, Dark RP, Halo RP, Deathrun, CWRP, Arma 3 CW, Arma3 milsim. All died. Bring back HaloRP, that was pretty good. Bring back Arma 3 CW. Bring back Deathrun/TTT Get an SCP Secret Lab server goin
  20. Suh dudes, Mauler here again, with another post at 2:30 AM, yes, I never sleep. Here's a form. https://forms.gle/quvd2igAYJfCKcjRA Blame @Misahu and @Dirthi for persuading me to make one. It's probably not even got everything they want on it. Let me reiterate above. Keep responses Civil. The form is so I, and whoever I share the results (not who made them for anonymity) to later down the track, however I encourage debate and discussion below.
  21. So, another post on the Army trend, I know, it's stirred a lot of shit recently, but I need some things straight. First off, before because get out pitchforks and the comments get heated, I want to try, like crofty, to keep the comments professional. This is a professional conversation and discussion for the Imperial Gaming server to hash out. Voice your opinions, voice them passionately! Be rude to me, I don't care, it's the internet. Don't be rude to eachother though. Now, with that out of the way... Army... Over the past year, since before the big overhaul in Ja
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