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  1. PT Power Rangers goes brrrrr


    except for when importing dropbox links to PAC breaks server wide.

  2. Also if effort was to be made in altering this, could the ability to toggle friendly fire off/on, as the squad leader/host be added?
  3. Literally the title, you can have 12 slots, thats bloody nothing. You can fit like 65% of mainline regiments, and, in INQT, you have a PT and a INQ squad, leading to friendly fire in events. I mean the F6 one.
  4. One of these days, people will learn to use 2FA and not click spoopy links.
  5. So lets talk about ranks and rank structures and unit structure/sizes. On the server, each "regiment" has somewhere between 5-7 CL3+ slots. This is a disaster as, take Shock for example, an 18 slot regiment, has 7 CL3+ slots, plus another one for the Battalion Commander. That is just under 50% of the regiment being an officer. It just leads to Officers not leading troopers, but leading a unit of other officers. In real life, a Lieutenant/Captain leads a Company. That's 100 people, with support staff. A Major/Colonel leads a battalion/regiment. The order is specificly Se
  6. +1, it would finely differentiate rebel and civilian. As an Imperial Civilian, you, for the most part, are supposed to be Pro-Imperial, not always actively against the Empire.
  7. So, ex shock co, may have heard of me. Essentially, there was a period where multiple CO meetings occured to address 'Petty' AOS's. People typically use the !aos feature to get out of a discussion/argument, and most of the time when they're losing said argument. If someone is being mildly disorderly and borderline disrespectful, you COULD aos them, but it really does just boil down to being Petty. Also, I can say this now, a lot of Disrespect AOS's, I deemed as Petty and voided. I could do that as Shock CO (apparently), so I did. This was for a couple of reasons. First, when someone
  8. Perhaps the Devastator, would make sense for Vader/501st presence as well as increased INQ/Palpatine presence.
  9. 5:21 nIcE fAiL fEaR rP mY dO0d
  10. I attended one earlier in the year, only 35 people were allowed to attend.
  11. So, typically I agree, but cultists are fanatic worshippers of a religieon, typically a negative one, such as, but not limited to, demons/devil/satan/ect And when dealing with say rebels, we're also dealing with fanatics, and fanatics won't care if they die, especially if they believe: - Life after death is better - Being captured by the enemy/surrendering is worse - Not dying for the cause is bad - Surrendering/not dying in combat is dishonourable - in Sacrifice for the greater good.
  12. The existance of shock is twofold. 1) We're Security. 2) We have shields. We ARE the shields of the Empire. Sure the shields are pretty shit, but it's still our job. And you WILL see us, along side our green bretheren in Varactyl Squad, shields drawn, tanking the hits so the rest don't die. Someone might say the best duo is a Medic and a Heavy, from TF2. Sure. But I say the best duo is a Medic and a Shocktrooper, shield drawn, tanking everything. The best trio is the same again but a gunner behind them. There was an NPC event today. I believe @yeffran it. Essentiall
  13. I clicked this topic expecting the worst. I expected a rant. However, You addressed the problem, from your POV, and you offered a viable solution. +1
  14. There is an easy solution to the "I can't afford to lose ECs" standpoint, which, sure, requires a bit more effort. But, you let the ECs succumb to FearRP, let them get captured, and then, when they're safely in the brig, you recycle to character. TP them out, tell Security, Security can log down that they captured said EC, so that EC can be tp'd back at the end to be prisoner RP. The extra effort wouldn't solely be on the EM, it would be on Security as well, for they can log any captured prisoners.
  15. If someone pays 50 bucks to abuse tools, that's a win for IG, for the moderator team can just remove said tools.
  16. incinerator troopers were the exact same as flame troopers, (flamethrower goes brrr) but magma troopers were an RP regiment of essentially ST. They had T-21s instead of E-11, and they rp'd as environmental troops, but were essentially STs.
  17. Uh that's unlucky chief.
  18. Je m’appelle Mauler Parler Vous Anglais?
  19. In Shock, we get two guns. We get the DLT-19, which cannot be classified as a primary weapon, as it is more an LMG, to lay down suppressive fire, and the DP-23, a shotgun. Do you see the issue here?
  20. Mauler

    hypo ban appeal

    I think that everyone deserves as many chances as we can give to reform, for if we abandon those that cannot or will not reform, they are forever shunned to be the dredges of society. I know that hypo has done bad in the past, and hung with some pretty bad influences on the server, but so did Kumo, and look at him now, I reckon Hypo can really fix his act and be a great member of IG. +1
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