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  1. We are imperial but failrp constantly by having revan/malgus/knights of zakuul etc. Just dw about it.
  2. -1 First, skull. Dragz, AKA Vader is the co-founder of STR along Egg. So he has the right to remove STR from guarding reg. Second, HE IS VADER! HE FORCE CHOKES ADMIRALS! SO KILLING TROOPS IS A OK
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893889779&searchtext=Star+Wars+Ships Has props of capital ships, frigates and corvettes of Rebels, Empire and Pirates. Could be nice for event deco.
  4. The heavy class for some regiments like shock/riot is obsolete save the extra HP as shock get most the weapons from the Heavy class (minus the RT-97C) and it is a waste. On another note, the weapons from the heavy class are on par with some of the standard loadouts for attack battalions like VF.
  5. kek. I reckon the black and red might look better for right than the current +1
  6. Nup, -1. No Shock heads. i guess I will stick to posing shock ragdolls until only the head is left.
  7. A bit spammy eh? I love getting 50 announcements about staff meeting in 2 minutes. Only to get the last 10 after the 2 minutes is up.
  8. Mauler

    Extra Maps

    Hang on, back in the day gamma took a liking to the first and second map when his shitty new batch of low-graders were looking for new addons that never got added. God the nostalgia. Anyway, +1 to Harrower, It is from a different era but so is like 57% of the server. It is a cool map too.
  9. Shock: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IykGwJ083NiLxl9g5zpj5dlk5jXVmrDO10JkYJqtiqI/edit?usp=sharing
  10. +1 agreed. Now I have two long bars running across my screen.
  11. I would have assumed this was already a thing with events but EMs just did not ask. I am sure many actual staff (keksdee) would love to build up/set event characters before the event actually starts. I just go "Admin on Duty" before the event in the waiting time to not have minges minging and taking up the time of EMs.
  12. I always do passive rp, comes with Shock. There is always something to do that is fun in rp in shock ;).
  13. Mauler


    HEIL H***** Oh the nostalgia. Here are some more photos that are more nostalgic:
  14. Here is what pilot ranks should be: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6nfy53yoaie6iks/PilotRanks.docx?dl=0
  15. Mauler

    Twinz Ban Appeal

    When don't you act like a moron, Trident? (xD) OT: I agree with Trident or maybe even a week. Racism is pretty bad and the fact that you continued to disrespect people even after you were warned not to would warrant maybe a week ban, not permanent.
  16. Ugh, more admins. Dragz and egg was too much as it was.
  17. Mauler

    Regimental posters

    urs is shit king, love it saint
  18. Mauler

    Regimental posters

    Make a royal imperial guard poster
  19. Oh god, thank fck he doesn't get to use a tie advanced in his 1v1s. Also, he can't saber duel so he resorts to dogfight duels
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