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  1. I have many bad (secretly good) memories of being abused by Lord Kosmos
  2. @Corvo make a SC/501st Story Series You've got a talent and its nice backstory
  3. Go away storm I was playing HOI4 with a mate when he asked me to edit it so I barely edited it but thanks for the shoutout
  4. So... I was a Pussydon CWRP player back in 2015/16 and when that died... I stumbled across gamemodes like Jailbreak and sh*t... One of my old mates, a fellow admin of mine from a TTT server in 2014 told me of IG. He was one of the first EMs here under Luka and... well he was a straight up minge. Worse than me. He headed up Shadow Troopers and I tried out for them and I passed... except my mate (Fat Chicken) denied me only because it was me. So after that, I joined Pilots under @Gaben (known as Spark at the time) and kicked off the fun times. (BTW I joined IG in December 2016). I got all the wa
  5. go away kendrick (i remember the great times of both of us waiting for our PAC apps
  6. wasn't i in your crew? Also wasn't I an honorary Inferno back on Rishi when I was IC? I have several fond memories... including Kobi's rampages back in early 2017/last 2016.
  7. dis dood og as frick
  8. dammit kris its not like you dont have enough applicants already also imma have to start handing out cookies or something to those who apply for the leviathan
  9. I don't believe they can. They'd have to be interacting like how an ST Private would interact with a Navy Captain... they wouldn't. I tried making my 2nd Character, my brother... alas it wasn't to be.
  10. First Too be honest, I thought this post would be locked so I thought I'd post a reply before it would be locked... But it wasn't locked so I will revise my post... Congratulations Jman on Jommunity Manager
  11. I noticed with Taki's event last night (3/8/19) that several members of the 501st were able to directly brawl with the full ship numerically superior ECs (at the points where 4 501st troops would run into around 6 ECs) and not only put up a fight but win without even taking cover or being tactical. There was a fight in engine room where I (250 base + 50hp F8 Skill + 300 Pointshop Bonus HP + 240 hp Stim Bonus [840 total HP]) ran headlong into a full hp EC with a DLT-19 and won, with 150 hp to spare. There was no cover, point blank shots, I could say this was a fluke but it was happe
  12. For all time this community has been Blue and White... unless we fully convert to this Faceit Template and Red/Black, we need some blue up in here.
  13. Damn.... im pretty close to 3 years
  14. Ready for it? I'm from Canberra, I cannot connect to the server... until I set up a VPN saying I'm from Singapore. If any support bois (or girls) know of any issues for that area, lemme know... I find the server on the server list, it tells me who's connected and Gametracker says I CAN connect... but we I go to connect, it just sits at "Connecting to Server" before timing out. I can connect to other servers just fine but not IG Imperial RP. I played it JUST fine on Friday but couldn't get on it yesterday at all. (Btw I set up the VPN because someone suggeste
  15. Anyone got any of Whitey as 212th Brigadier? I seem to not have all my OG screenshots no more
  16. Oh hell yeah I’ll go into the runni— *Corvo enters the room* Oh hey sir, I totally wasn’t going to run for 224th Do you have to be WO+ currently or could you have been WO+ previously?
  17. omg evidence of me being shock commander But this was before my prime, with old spreadsheet, before I had the best riot platoon of all time etc
  18. il put a question mark through it go away imposing you big nasty
  19. Answer... not me I'm back fellers, corvo gave me the big beg and requested i tryout for SC and now im back so admons prepare for big minge in all seriousness, glad to be back so far, theres new and old faces, new sh*t, new regiment. its all... nice. Love y'all and hope to see you on the server!
  20. I rEcKOn BaILeY cAN ExISt lEsS
  21. Be a minge Return to IG
  22. @Emerald how dare you leave leaving is my job
  23. ya know you can get big mac sauce from Coles now and it tastes 3000x better but, fig jam or Cranberry Sauce
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