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  1. Already these gents are better than most game developers *cough* Valve Gaijin
  2. yikers 54% on Source 2... fuuuuuuuuuuck
  3. I feel like the lottery is largely won during Dawn or at Midday, at times where people who basically don't just sit on the server 24/7 *looks at @Narco @LimeStrider * have no ability to be on at those times. (Also don't get me started at how OG players should get compensation for 2 years of play before the pointshop became a thing)
  4. you're a mouldy crow Gusky
  5. Just reactivate the Imperial Gaming Steam Bot smh
  6. finally a second imperial rp server?
  7. uhhh I would... except I have the big obligations as Cinder Lead
  8. You'll sort out Welshy for wanting the spotlight for too long..? Or you'll unfeature the post >:)
  9. @Bailey If you're the commander now, shouldn't the Commander Applications post be... unfeatured? Unless Welshy loves sticking in the spotlight.
  10. Woah blaming army? That's pretty rude. Just leave us clones out of it. I'm sure we can just get programmed to NOT execute POWs. Surely there's a 'Coruscant Convention'?
  11. Mauler


    I feel like snipers should have that potential though. With the old HP, troopers at the rank of 2LT+ were on average getting stimmed past 1k hp on the regular. THIS was too much so it was reduced. Now the average trooper is getting 500-600 which IS a bit high but also going lower would make Snipers OP. If People are at that low hp, then firefights don't last long. In fact, events would be 'Respawn Simulator' instead of fighting the event. Also, if we lowered the Ratio of | Imperial : Event Character | health, that would make events be more like Tower Defense. And you hav
  12. Whenever I go from any different gamemode or from SP to Imperial Gaming, I time out like this. Its not that bad, just adds a few minutes to your load time.
  13. Hammer needs to stock us up with KOS Orders so we can purge the Tinky's.
  14. Make sure you read that fine print. Fr though that fine print isn't fine enough. It needs to resemble a flat, straight line.
  15. i reckon just scrap everything and just have normal STs ;))) (maybe a couple scout regs, shadow and shock)
  16. yeah when are we getting my namesake?
  17. oi delta come visit me in canberra
  18. Hmm.. I distinctly having something to do with that.
  19. I reckon we just go extreme and be like: you die and you get demoted (In all seriousness if this does get added and lack of medics become a problem, I suggest tweaking the Support Loadouts to add Defibs but remove say the injector or the stim)
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