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  1. Bumperinos Also updating the fact that I am now a 2nd LT in Storm Commandos.
  2. I noticed with Taki's event last night (3/8/19) that several members of the 501st were able to directly brawl with the full ship numerically superior ECs (at the points where 4 501st troops would run into around 6 ECs) and not only put up a fight but win without even taking cover or being tactical. There was a fight in engine room where I (250 base + 50hp F8 Skill + 300 Pointshop Bonus HP + 240 hp Stim Bonus [840 total HP]) ran headlong into a full hp EC with a DLT-19 and won, with 150 hp to spare. There was no cover, point blank shots, I could say this was a fluke but it was happening quite a bit. Trooper HPs are too high but if we decreased trooper HPs, you'd also have to do it to ECs as well (as suggested). +1 Also for what Tonberry said, this is probably the easiest option but it isn't the only option. High Ranking Officers are now getting Stimmed up to 1000+hp and that is ridiculous. However, the damage creep is probably required. Your typical "op" sniper: The Pulsecannon... 100% Accuracy at Any Range scoped and unscoped, 200 Damage. That isn't even enough to kill your average ST Private who has any sort of health boost. The Commando Rifle: DC_17m_br. 40 damage, same accuracy as E-11 and still kinda ineffective. However, we cannot just make Assault Rifles do like 75-80 damage a hit because being an ST Private would literally mean nothing. We can't make the Pulsecannon do 500 damage and one shot most people. That would create an imbalance. However, it COULD be made so it one shots on headshots or upper torso/head hitboxes cause more damage. This can be done in 2 ways, with the weapon or with the Playermodel. Both would require quite a bit of work.
  3. Oooo your favourite? Hmmm... well I guess I had plenty of opportunities to be your favourite. Also, chuck some red bull my way and i'll have my wings.
  4. Bumperinos By the way, my time has crept up to nearly 3 weeks now and I am a Warrant Officer 2nd Class, Support in Storm Commandos. Also I bumped 6 days after the previous post... but by only 30 minutes
  5. For all time this community has been Blue and White... unless we fully convert to this Faceit Template and Red/Black, we need some blue up in here.
  6. Damn.... im pretty close to 3 years
  7. Ready for it? I'm from Canberra, I cannot connect to the server... until I set up a VPN saying I'm from Singapore. If any support bois (or girls) know of any issues for that area, lemme know... I find the server on the server list, it tells me who's connected and Gametracker says I CAN connect... but we I go to connect, it just sits at "Connecting to Server" before timing out. I can connect to other servers just fine but not IG Imperial RP. I played it JUST fine on Friday but couldn't get on it yesterday at all. (Btw I set up the VPN because someone suggested in the Hub to try a VPN so, yeah.)
  8. Bumperinos.... Also I have 2 weeks playtime now, am SGT in SC and a Support... Also been back for around a month and a bit now.
  9. Anyone got any of Whitey as 212th Brigadier? I seem to not have all my OG screenshots no more
  10. Oh hell yeah I’ll go into the runni— *Corvo enters the room* Oh hey sir, I totally wasn’t going to run for 224th Do you have to be WO+ currently or could you have been WO+ previously?
  11. So A couple things I noticed after making the application AND these responses... Yes it IS rather early and I really could have waited a bit... that being said I've gotten just shy of a week's play time since I came back as I left at 1 weeks play time on the dot. Also as to the rather basic PAC examples... it IS just a PFC Trooper's PAC, it shouldn't need to be flashy or anything as I AM just a trooper. But in terms of showing skill or effort or such like that, my Tier 2 (Tier 1 back in the day didn't require examples and I didn't have any) has examples (even IF they are in a poor colour or shade) but I don't have those PACs anymore unfortunately and probably will never get them ever again. I also noticed that when I made up the PAC above, some of my addons weren't working properly, IE the weapon addons and player-models that I used to use to make my PACs in the past (Battlefront 2015 SWEPs WIP) and the player-model, I couldn't load up the Storm Commando models in Single Player so I got a Shadow Scout Trooper Model and added a white pauldron to it. Anyway... I could spend a lot of effort making an extensive PAC only to have to completely re-do it in game as I had to use weapon models not on the server... I also found I still had my droid PAC with a lot of features and such but I didn't have all the models used in that PAC and therefore, couldn't display it. I guess if this gets denied, I can wait until 3 weeks playtime, i'll probably be an officer by then again so uh, have a good one fellers I mean, to show skill and effort and such, I guess i COULD make or attempt to remake some of my old PACs and display them here as well? (Side Note [Kinda Cocky]: I thought that by me already being a previous PAC Tier 2 User on the server and racking up a whole another week play time on the server, it would be enough, but I guess if you fellers don't think so, that's fine by me.)
  12. Steam Name: Wauler SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:25458159 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Wauler/ In Game Name: SC Support Warrant Officer 2nd Class Mauler Time Played Imperial RP: 2 Weeks, 6 Days on Current Utime Count. Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you used PAC3 Before? Yes Why should you be trusted with PAC3? Well, although I've been Moderator on THIS server before (Up to Senior Moderator), I've also been PAC Tier 2 and only got removed from it when I resigned from staff and left the server and Garry's Mod as a whole late last year. As a result, judging by previous responsibilities, I wouldn't abuse PAC to harm the server and only use it to further my own RP as well as other's. Why do you want access to PAC3? I want re-access to PAC3 because I feel that it would benefit my RP greatly, as I have had it prior, I feel bare not having it now. I want to further my RP as I have done so in the past and other than playing more and more since my return, I could also be granted PAC3 Tier 1 (And re-apply for Tier 2 down the track) to be the cherry on top for improving my Roleplay Experience. By the way, because there isn't a "Is there Anything you would like to add" section, I will just add this here, I only reinstalled GMOD Recently and as such, I do not have my old pacs which INCLUDE the Air Commodore/General, Inferno, Imperial Commando, Shock/Riot or Imperial Commando PACs so I cannot share them as examples... however, you CAN see the Imperial Commando and Juggernaut PAC Examples on my old Tier 2 Application listed below if you did want to see those but they are in pretty bad lighting. It's only basic as I am having gmod issues with Single Player but that is all Tier One is... right? Why do you believe you deserve PAC3? Because I have been given the responsibility in the past and shown not to abuse it. Now I don't have it and am now reapplying to get it back. I applied for Tier 1 in August 2017 ( https://imperialgamingau.invisionzone.com/topic/988-mauler’s-pac-application-tier-1/ ) and got accepted and applied for Tier 2 in January 2018 ( https://imperialgamingau.invisionzone.com/topic/2202-maulers-pac3-tier-2-application/ ) and got accepted as well. I was also Staff on the server for just under 2 Years and feel as though if that isn't deserving or trustworthy enough, I don't know what is. PAC3 Example 1: Weapon Holsters (Basic AF) PAC3 Example 2: Model From front showing Insignia and Holsters. PAC3 Example 3: Laser Sight/Pointer on Pulsecannon using a Beam modelled as a Smoke Trail painted Red. PAC3 Example 4: Same as above but shortened and on an E-11 Terms & Conditions Yes Spoiler One: Droid PAC way back when with seperate images for all features. Spoiler Two: Storm Commandos Officer PAC, seperate images for certain angles, it uses some features from examples above.
  13. omg evidence of me being shock commander But this was before my prime, with old spreadsheet, before I had the best riot platoon of all time etc
  14. il put a question mark through it go away imposing you big nasty
  15. Answer... not me I'm back fellers, corvo gave me the big beg and requested i tryout for SC and now im back so admons prepare for big minge in all seriousness, glad to be back so far, theres new and old faces, new sh*t, new regiment. its all... nice. Love y'all and hope to see you on the server!
  16. I rEcKOn BaILeY cAN ExISt lEsS
  17. Trip down memory lane... me
  18. Mauler


    Be a minge Return to IG
  19. @Emerald how dare you leave leaving is my job
  20. ya know you can get big mac sauce from Coles now and it tastes 3000x better but, fig jam or Cranberry Sauce
  21. I havent played and havent seen the maps but... Surely, Sand is better?? Delta, how could you not go with sand??
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