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  1. this is cooked cunt, its so g looking. Its got some nice MTF vibes...
  2. Delete the Warning in your description to keep the channel.
  3. @Bailey A lot of these channels have the warning despite being sub-channels Unless ofc they aren't supposed to be Sub-Channels...
  4. Currently, I see a lot of people make a SITREP every time they get a kill on an EC. Instead, IHC/EMs at the end of the event can see the 'event leaderboard' for kills across the board to determine which regiment(s) are putting the most effort. It'd be an aspect to determining placings, not the entire thing. Also 1000th post, y'all can get fucked.
  5. just give regimental medics a way to provide a pick-me-up. Sort of like how medkits in l4d heal, but pills/adrenaline only provide temporary healing, perhaps Reg Medics/Supports can only provide temporary healing, which will slowly damage the injured until about 30% in which they need to be properly healed. I also think that when they heal, it should go up to 90%, with stim shots going to 100+% and beyond, but only one heal every 5 min or so, rather than about 30% per heal every 3 seconds.
  6. Is option 3's Colonel and Lt Colonel not supposed to have CL4 (or rather cl7 by option 1/2 standards) ranks? As to my opinion, a mixture between 1 and 4 is good. On top of this, if option 1 does go through, other branch Clearance Levels will have to be adjusted.
  7. i think its time for an 80 slot event server :gigathonk:
  8. Blame @Binny, he put them up.
  9. PT Power Rangers goes brrrrr


    except for when importing dropbox links to PAC breaks server wide.

  10. Also if effort was to be made in altering this, could the ability to toggle friendly fire off/on, as the squad leader/host be added?
  11. You aren't particularly known in the server as a whole, and are just 8 hours over the minimum time. Also your application is short af. -1
  12. Literally the title, you can have 12 slots, thats bloody nothing. You can fit like 65% of mainline regiments, and, in INQT, you have a PT and a INQ squad, leading to friendly fire in events. I mean the F6 one.
  13. One of these days, people will learn to use 2FA and not click spoopy links.
  14. So lets talk about ranks and rank structures and unit structure/sizes. On the server, each "regiment" has somewhere between 5-7 CL3+ slots. This is a disaster as, take Shock for example, an 18 slot regiment, has 7 CL3+ slots, plus another one for the Battalion Commander. That is just under 50% of the regiment being an officer. It just leads to Officers not leading troopers, but leading a unit of other officers. In real life, a Lieutenant/Captain leads a Company. That's 100 people, with support staff. A Major/Colonel leads a battalion/regiment. The order is specificly Se
  15. +1, it would finely differentiate rebel and civilian. As an Imperial Civilian, you, for the most part, are supposed to be Pro-Imperial, not always actively against the Empire.
  16. So, ex shock co, may have heard of me. Essentially, there was a period where multiple CO meetings occured to address 'Petty' AOS's. People typically use the !aos feature to get out of a discussion/argument, and most of the time when they're losing said argument. If someone is being mildly disorderly and borderline disrespectful, you COULD aos them, but it really does just boil down to being Petty. Also, I can say this now, a lot of Disrespect AOS's, I deemed as Petty and voided. I could do that as Shock CO (apparently), so I did. This was for a couple of reasons. First, when someone
  17. It's almost like I've seen this guy moderate on other servers or something. I dunno, seems like a minge. +1
  18. Honestly I believe he conveyed his point quiote well despite the short application. Short and concise applications are better than big applications which are just short applications with more filler. +1
  19. Perhaps the Devastator, would make sense for Vader/501st presence as well as increased INQ/Palpatine presence.
  20. For anyone not versed in reddit-speak, /s means he's being sarcastic. On top of this, I have it on good authority that Storm would suffer greatly should catgirl pacs appear in game. HOWEVER, disgusting as they may be, catgirl pacs of storm's would have his most effort into, and would really show the extent of his PAC3 abilities. +1
  21. If I'm not mistaken, didn't this server not go past the initial development stage? Or was it the other one? Also, I haven't seen you around much recently, and I'm even in your regiment. So Neutral leaning to -1.
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