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  1. Neutral leaning toward -1 + Your pacs are honestly great a lot of the time = You only got pac recently. - All these examples are pretty much the same pac, but one has bushes, and ones on a white DT model. You've done better, so show as much.
  2. How bout Clone Wars Arma 3. But also, we've done TTT, we've done MiliRP x2, Dark RP, Halo RP, Deathrun, CWRP, Arma 3 CW, Arma3 milsim. All died. Bring back HaloRP, that was pretty good. Bring back Arma 3 CW. Bring back Deathrun/TTT Get an SCP Secret Lab server goin
  3. Suh dudes, Mauler here again, with another post at 2:30 AM, yes, I never sleep. Here's a form. https://forms.gle/quvd2igAYJfCKcjRA Blame @Misahu and @Dirthi for persuading me to make one. It's probably not even got everything they want on it. Let me reiterate above. Keep responses Civil. The form is so I, and whoever I share the results (not who made them for anonymity) to later down the track, however I encourage debate and discussion below.
  4. So, another post on the Army trend, I know, it's stirred a lot of shit recently, but I need some things straight. First off, before because get out pitchforks and the comments get heated, I want to try, like crofty, to keep the comments professional. This is a professional conversation and discussion for the Imperial Gaming server to hash out. Voice your opinions, voice them passionately! Be rude to me, I don't care, it's the internet. Don't be rude to eachother though. Now, with that out of the way... Army... Over the past year, since before the big overhaul in Ja
  5. In WW2, German Snipers targetted Field Medics, which was completely and utterly against the Geneva Convention. Why you ask? It's simple, why allow the enemy to get more enemies back into the fight, when you could just kill the Medic, and then that's it. In response, Allied Field Medics stopped wearing the red-cross so as to not be targetting by enemy fire, also against the Convention at the time. Why you ask? It's simple, you look like an ordinary soldier without the red-cross. Applying this to the server... The former statement is true, and makes sense, as it was do
  6. Hmmm We could kill of Army entirely to force the issue...
  7. These PACs are alright, but not enough. Some of these PACs are just animations and pretty over-used ones at that. Neutral.
  8. +1, oh, for the community meeting? Yeah prolly good thing tbh
  9. I don't think hes asking for tools in loadouts so they get used for building shit in events, just like passive rp or training. The way this kind of thing works is that it gets abused for the first couple of day - a week at most. And then it becomes 'meh' and actually gets worked on properly.
  10. Just my 2 cents here... Back in 2016, on Poseidon CWRP (before IG started up), those that were 2LT+ were given tools as part of their loadout. Although it WAS abused there, it wasn't overly abusive and quite easy to monitor. Spawned props are logged, they don't get access to Entities or Weapons, and we can just !warn them for Tools abuse. I recommend instead of giving CO/2IC tools, you just have a builder rank that people can apply for, it's not an application like PAC/Staff that stays up for years but rather, up for a couple days, gets voted by Staff and accepted by A
  11. Or you could watch hentai and stoop lower, or watch hentai unironically.
  12. Yeah except I aint on there as head of Army Security.
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