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  1. You should look into pairing the custom texturing with a bump/normal map and get a phong on it.
  2. welp, imma just halt my progress of my PAC competition... there's no point.
  3. Yeah sorry chief I was brought up on freshly squeezed juices.
  4. +1 to a change needed. Your change is different enough to work. You're right, there IS in fact a problem. This problem needs to be fixed. I'm of the OPINION, that there are too many Sith, and Sith don't have enough power. In lore, and certainly some of the material we've seen, INQ would command troops to achieve their goal(s). However, this cannot be done if INQ have an entire private army at their disposal. As such, I believe drastically reducing their overall capacity, but also drastically increasing their authority, is paramount. I have the same opinion for COM
  5. I picked DC17... but what I actually meant was the DC-17m Battle-Rifle.
  6. honestly dude, I have zero idea with this one.
  7. Dude from 2016-2018 IG was called a "Rogue One" server. Now it's not... and soon the homies will be rocking up on my main man's snow ball
  8. Surely we get some alien sounds so i can be that one alien dude that just screams. Pac tier 2 gang
  9. Rebel gang? Can I be the dude with the launcher firing at the AT-ACT, before realising it did nothing?
  10. Juggernauts using the shit model They got scuffed OP Z6s like 2-3 years before everyone got Z6s
  11. there's quite a number of us still kicking around. Soon man, soon.
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