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  1. Take care mate, just remember you can't get ranked locked in the real world.
  2. Purges very own permanent rank locked weekend warrior, congratulations on one year my guy. A pleasure for sure
  3. Well thats me done, I enjoyed my time on the server but its time for it to come to a close. Been apart of this server for a little over a year and I've enjoyed a majority of my time on it, made some outstanding mates i wouldn't trade for the world. I still remember when i first joined the server and Vader's fist for 3 days before leaving Tom and Wind for Imperial Commandos and my intro into Cinder Demo was Outback telling me the tale of my predecessor and his impressive TK ratio. I would like to thank 501st for being the best welcome to this server and Sith for being my home for a majority
  4. As long as you look the other way when I want to nicely 'talk' to Heretics then sign me up chief
  5. +1 Matrix consistently show's the necessary attributes that align with being a good staff member - Level headed in a stressful situation both IC and OOC - Approachable - Unbias - Willingness to listen to both sides Overall steller guy and would make an outstanding member of the staff team
  6. +1 - Nothing but good experiences from braino. - Shows the qualities that are expected of a T-Mod.
  7. +1 I'll never repeat this but he's outstanding, would be a great staff member <3 Love chu.
  8. +1 Performed amicably from my experience with him during my time in IC/CIC would make an excellent addition to the staff team.
  9. Support Team Application Steam Name: thirty-K Steam 64ID: 76561198088027681 In game name and rank: Thirty WOII IC Cinder Squad How old are you?: 24 Time Played: Do you have a microphone?: Yes Why are you applying for this position?: The reason I'm applying for this position because I've always taken a passive involvement in both communities i've been a part of, I believe its time for myself to take a more active role into a community that I love by having the opportunity to assist people with any issue's they might hav
  10. Hows it Cracker Lacking Team You may have seen me around the past couple of weeks, so I thought I'd finally introduce myself so Hi I'm the Imperial Commando that sounds annoyed at the word not to be confused with Arkan we are different people I swear The only thing I can offer you is the following 1. Why not to join the army in 5 simple steps 2. Sweet Photos of ASLAV's 3. How a desert can get super cold for some ungodly reason 4. A sweet photo of a Camel Spider Cheers for having me See ya around the ship team
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