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  1. Take care mate, just remember you can't get ranked locked in the real world.
  2. Purges very own permanent rank locked weekend warrior, congratulations on one year my guy. A pleasure for sure
  3. Well thats me done, I enjoyed my time on the server but its time for it to come to a close. Been apart of this server for a little over a year and I've enjoyed a majority of my time on it, made some outstanding mates i wouldn't trade for the world. I still remember when i first joined the server and Vader's fist for 3 days before leaving Tom and Wind for Imperial Commandos and my intro into Cinder Demo was Outback telling me the tale of my predecessor and his impressive TK ratio. I would like to thank 501st for being the best welcome to this server and Sith for being my home for a majority
  4. As long as you look the other way when I want to nicely 'talk' to Heretics then sign me up chief
  5. Hows it Cracker Lacking Team You may have seen me around the past couple of weeks, so I thought I'd finally introduce myself so Hi I'm the Imperial Commando that sounds annoyed at the word not to be confused with Arkan we are different people I swear The only thing I can offer you is the following 1. Why not to join the army in 5 simple steps 2. Sweet Photos of ASLAV's 3. How a desert can get super cold for some ungodly reason 4. A sweet photo of a Camel Spider Cheers for having me See ya around the ship team
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