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  1. Thank you for the apology, and you may have had just reason to believe I was being a little mingy, As stated by a lot of people, I feel removal and demotion is too extreme, from what I can see this is a first time offence and a staff warn should be quite enough. @Flipps Will do haha.
  2. Staff Member: Event Master Bailey Time: 9:00pm 4/11/18 Whiteness: None that I know of, maybe the other shock troopers know. Hello, I would like to make a report against Event Master Shock Trooper Bailey for using ULX abilities to teleport to me to see where I was during an AOS on myself, I have a full video evidence that shows two blatant uses of teleport to player, cloak and no-clip commands. I understand that Bailey is probably trusted because he has had Event Master for a couple of months but I feel this shouldn't be gone unnoticed. Please watch the entire video but here are
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