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  1. Welp, tbh I never thought you'd leave before me dude. Even though I'm still probably gonna talk to you regularly anyway, gonna miss having ya on the server. Can't believe you went from some kid who @Stubzy and I thought would never be good enough to join marauders to being a good friend I would still be speaking to years later. Enjoy yourself.
  2. +1 Judging by what's been said, you've been gone for a very long time, more than enough time to reflect and think on your actions and I see no reason not to give you an opportunity to prove why you deserve to return to the community.
  3. I Wasn't expecting you to include being part of engineers or how you had to go to the death star to join marauders, but it was different. Clearly you put a decent amount of effort into it, nicely done.
  4. suuuure dude, but if ur not confident there's plenty of planets you can play as where it doesn't really matter if you do well or not like umbara, kashyyyk etc. surely like 5 victory classes. Sub no exist in this mod
  5. Hey hey, Just thought I'd chuck a post here to invite anyone who was interested in playing a Hearts of Iron 4 game on Saturday (the 5th) using the Palpatine's Gamble mod. Most of the people playing will probably be from IG, so if you've either never really been interested in the game or haven't found a lot of people to play with, this is your opportunity to give it a shot. This is the mod we'll be using: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2477222513 it's set from just before episode 1 to the end of episode 3, so if ur interested in Star Wars grand strategy
  6. Unrealistic? Astronaut hands down, space has always been a great interest for me. Realistic? I'm currently working towards being an Electrical/Electronic Engineer then either do some domestic engineering jobs or join the navy with my degree.
  7. They always come back.
  8. All the DLCs for the Paradox games I own because the amount of them is fucking ridiculous
  9. That was meant to be 11th of march hahah, I'll change it now.
  10. Purge Trooper Commander Applications are Open Pre-Requisites for applying for Purge Trooper Commander You must currently hold Clearance Level 3+ on the server, it is preferred if you have past Sith Experience. Applications are open from now until the 10th of March Applications will be reviewed and members will be interviewed prior to the role being chosen on the 11th of March. Link: https://forms.gle/ScwhKd5We6S6LMfq9 Good luck to all applicants.
  11. Bump, finally Updated playtime from 6W5D TO 17W3D Added 2 new PAC examples with more to come Edited application and reasoning itself because it was quite outdated
  12. Gonna miss you dude, it was great getting to know you for the 1 1/2 odd years since I first met you in sith. Good luck with wherever life takes you, hope to see you again sometime.
  13. +1 Good lad, great pacs. Looking forward to seeing his creations with Tier 2.
  14. +1 Good Lad, known him for quite a long time and I think he's got the qualities and mindset of being a solid moderator.
  15. +1 Good lad, he's clearly put a good amount of thought into his ideas and formulating them, I reckon he's done enough for tier 1.
  16. +1 Didn’t even have to think about how I would respond when I saw this app. Pro’s proven himself on many occasions to be cool, calm and collected when dealing with tense situations. I’ve known Pro for quite some time and I mean it when I say he’s an extremely kind hearted individual who puts others before himself when it comes to ooc situations. I can’t think of many better when it comes to potential moderators, my only point of criticism would be that maybe sometimes you can be a bit too nice to people when giving out punishments. Regardless, I am more than happy to support your applicat
  17. +1 Has more than proven himself through the work he's done for the server. Also a great lad to speak to when he's not working on whatever project it is he's focused on.
  18. Matrix

    Just a Take

    What happened to the actual singer lmao
  19. Thought I'd never see you play gmod again ngl.
  20. Matrix

    HOI4 moments

    Very good times indeed
  21. Good game would recommend, put a lot of hours into it and it can be quite infuriating at times but to be fair, pretty much every game has it's ups and downs.
  22. +1 Good Lad, known him for quite a while and I'd like to think he's been a pretty positive face within the community. Your event ideas are also interesting, but could be a bit tricky to pull off. Regardless I think you deserve a chance to prove yourself as an em, good luck.
  23. Other than IG, Synthetic gaming was the most enjoyable server I every played on since I started playing in 2016. Shame there aren’t any popular galaxy servers anymore.
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