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  1. Im going to be giving it away early cause why not
  2. Hey Guys some of you might know of me if not hi im Khronos and I once was a EM on both Imperial and clone wars (Pretty sh*t) and was pretty much a minge for 70% Of the time and because of that behaviour I decided to stop playing for a bit but im back now and thought why not giveaway a code for a game (Wolfs idea as I have a spare code).. the game is called Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST. its a fun game to play with mates so if you would like a chance to win it comment on this post with something about yourself (doesn't have to be personal. anything will do) and ill randomly choose someone on Friday 21/06/2019.... Goodluck and hope to see you all around!!
  3. g'day I'm here today to give a response on your app and I have some constructive points to give my first one is +1 and that's it love you (no homo)
  4. about time good to have you back. btw this is khronos just for future reference so you can tag me
  5. @Cody could you please close this
  7. *bumb* I have recently been inactive due to IRL stuff that stopped me from coming on and I apologises for that I always want to be as active as I can and I was but I was just really busy and wasn't able to get on. but I'm back now and ill be more active.
  8. -1 please no leave
  9. LOA - I will be away until the 8th as my PC won't start and getting it fixed on the 8th
  10. +1 active, friendly, mature, event ideas seem decent, has experience, detailed app.im sorry for the big text
  11. +1 I agree with Helsing. (can I beat his ass if he does)
  12. hey emerald I respect and understand your point but the reason I left the EM team and made a MOD app was because I loved being able to run events for people but after a while everyone starts to get a little bored or it but there's some EM's who still love doing it and they are the people who will keep the server playful and fun but it just wasn't working out for me I wasn't going to keep forcing myself to do something I wasn't enjoying but I still loved being able to help the server so now I want to help the server in another way instead of running events.. I know saying running events for 20+ people and getting bored of it sounds like a lame excuse but when your doing it for people and not gaining anything personal from it and doing because you want to do it for the community and nothing else and you as a person start getting a little over doing the same events for the same people 24/7 of cause I'm going to resign it means I'm not a good EM and there's someone else who deserves my spot in the EM team and I know there will be someone who will. but I still want to be able to help people out and not by only doing events and even if I don't get accepted its not going to stop me from helping people out I will just be restricted on what I can do for them but I will still try my best... thank you for responding tho
  13. +1 should apply for CW but that's just mean, good bloke, active, mature, friendly, would be a awesome T-MOD
  14. -1 please use correct template
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