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  1. THIS IS GOING TO BE MY FINAL RESPONSE ON THIS POST AND I WILL LET FATE DECIDE OK so as i can see many of you still don't agree with letting me back into the community and that's fair why would you trust me. You have seen Bailey's response and the screenshots he provided and all i can say is yes i said all that stuff without a second thought and i said shit tons more that he doesn't even know about back then. And all i can say is I'm sorry. Now i know i cant force you guys to accept that. But I'm asking you just give me a chance to show you I'm not here to talk shit about another member.
  2. I'm not coming back to this community to talk with them. I would like to play Gmod again and i wont be able to do much if i cant use the forums and teamspeak. in regards to this yes i insulted you and yes i was the one who went too far but please don't forget we said stuff to each other YES i fucked up and went way to far. But we insulted each other many of times it wasn't just me but like i said i was the one who took it to far.
  3. Steam Details Steam Name:Donut Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:448651653 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheRealKhronos/ In Game Details In Game Name:N/A In Game Rank:N/A In Game Regiment:N/A Ban Details (Insert a screenshot of the ban notice here) How long was the ban for:Perma banned from the Forums and teamspeak Which staff member banned you:Cecil/bailey What date did the ban occur:03/07/2020 What was the reason for the ban: disrespect towards a community member Explain the situation in detail which led to yo
  4. good thinking Edit: don't want what i said to look like i "don't like" this person i was only insinuating that its good hes focusing on School ect
  5. natural every interaction I had with you wasn't the best you always seemed like you didn't care enough and you just seemed bored the whole time you were on the server
  6. +1 Sometimes gives me kisses and is very mature
  7. -1 was disrespectful on Santos, seems like the same person
  8. Chubbs


    im pretty much top dog around here if you need any hook ups lmk
  9. -1 nice copy and paste forehead
  10. gives semi decent kisses 6/10 +1
  11. To whom this may concern, In recent times I've heard a lot of the stories of Clone Wars RP, and a lot of people making passing comments about wanting it back, saying something about "The good old days" or "Remembering their start on the Server", players such as Siege Monkey and Luigi, current admins can even atest to the enjoyment of Clone Wars and the type of person it brought to the community under Management and Bailey's (because he wasn't technically Management) leadership and direction for the Server as a whole. It was somewhere you didn't have to be the bad guy, you didn't have to
  12. Chubbs


  13. The ability to kick management out of our own TS channel
  14. -1 leaning to neutral, I believe tinky is a wonderful member of the community there's no doubt about it but after reading the applications and event ideas I cant help but be a little disappointed in the lack of detail. in the answers and the event ideas, if this wasn't tinky's application this would be receiving -1 and neutrals but because he is known on the server I personally don't think its fair that he doesn't have to try on his application as an application can say a lot about a persons intent and how serious they are about becoming an event master. if you can add more detail and mo
  15. +1 these look beautiful, although first couple photos are a little questionable
  16. +1 looks good my dude
  17. who will i sack tap now ;( @Wombatiacus
  18. mmmmmm could have done better myself (im kidding i want downvotes)
  19. Name: Khronos Server Playtime: uhhh 4-5 weeks Have you played Mount & Blade previously?: like ages ago but its a style of game im getting into thanks to splonter Extra Info: Master Shifu would be proud
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