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  1. good thinking Edit: don't want what i said to look like i "don't like" this person i was only insinuating that its good hes focusing on School ect
  2. natural every interaction I had with you wasn't the best you always seemed like you didn't care enough and you just seemed bored the whole time you were on the server
  3. +1 Sometimes gives me kisses and is very mature
  4. -1 was disrespectful on Santos, seems like the same person
  5. Chubbs


    im pretty much top dog around here if you need any hook ups lmk
  6. -1 nice copy and paste forehead
  7. gives semi decent kisses 6/10 +1
  8. To whom this may concern, In recent times I've heard a lot of the stories of Clone Wars RP, and a lot of people making passing comments about wanting it back, saying something about "The good old days" or "Remembering their start on the Server", players such as Siege Monkey and Luigi, current admins can even atest to the enjoyment of Clone Wars and the type of person it brought to the community under Management and Bailey's (because he wasn't technically Management) leadership and direction for the Server as a whole. It was somewhere you didn't have to be the bad guy, you didn't have to oppress civilians, you could show up and be the saviour of the Wookiees or be the one to protect the innocents rather than persecute them. I am aware that the Community loves being a bad guy (In RP of course) and that's why Imperial RP has done so well for as long as it has (it'll be four years old this year!), but I'm also aware the community really loves being the good guy as well, in and out of character, all of our donations to charities, all of the good we try and do within the community, all the acceptance and posts about mental health on the forums, IG likes being the good guy. So, I think, and so do many others (who hopefully will show up to this post and help speak about how good Clone Wars was) that we should bring back the Clone Wars Server, now many people may disagree with this, our previous Servers have failed, Santos died twice, Clone Wars lasted nearly half a year and then died. People may think we should go a different direction, like HaloRP for example or something similar, but our community is a Star Wars Community, look at Icefuse for example, they have 3 Star Wars RP Servers that are nearly consistently full because their community is filled with people who love Star Wars, they started small, and then grew and grew until they turned into the massive monolith they are today. Clone Wars is the way forward for our community, and if we do well, we can grow again, taking it slowly over and over again, branching out into similar avenues. Some reasons I think Clone Wars can come back now and be extremely successful are as follows; - The Seventh Season of Clone Wars has come back recently and has a lot of hype around it, with another 4 episodes (4 weeks) to go with a lot more ACTUAL Clone action to come, this will help hype up the Server as the Season comes to an end and we hopefully see Order 66. - The Server has consistently been hitting maximum players (even before the COVID-19 lockdown), enough players that Tank wanted to create a second overflow Server to deal with the players and the huge demand for Star Wars RP in and out of our current community. During this prototype, Tank also set up inter-server chat which would allow both sides of the community to chat and get to know each other (which was a small problem for Clone Wars since it seemed like there was two parts of the community when it closed and we all came back to Imperial RP). - We are getting a new Server, which according to Kumo is 4x better than our current one, on a superior operating system and with superior specs, especially ones based around hosting Servers and Garry's Mod in particular. This means it should be able to easily host Imperial RP and Clone Wars RP at the exact same time. - We have experience with Clone Wars RP and Star Wars RP in particular, with it being our second iteration of Clone Wars we'll have learnt from our mistakes and can adjust the direction of the Server based on community feedback from last time and having learnt from the mistakes made prior to the closure of the Server. - Many of our current Staff, particularly two of our current Admins arose from Clone Wars and/or came into their own as a Clone Wars Staff Member, on top of this, it brought many members to the community who weren't previously apart of it, there's too many to name for this post alone, so I won't bother with it to save you from it. - Clone Wars is far more malleable than ImperialRP, we were able to go to different maps and enjoy ourselves there because there was a reason for our group to go there - We have almost perfected the battalion system, and we had previously perfected the Regiment system with supports and heavies, in regards to Clone Wars, for example within the 212th, we could have roles similar to support and heavy, but they could be Airborne and specialised ARF Troopers, this is obviously only a rough draft and just examples for the future. - We are able to easily pick out content, so we don't need to overfill the Server with content that all serves the same purpose, it will help us cut down by carefully picking and choosing content that goes on the Server to prevent it from being overfilled and stacked with content that isn't necessary. That's all I've got, I hope many of you agree with me and we can get this message to Management, showing them how many of us want Clone Wars back desperately. Lastly, this post was approved by Cecil and Wingza who I went to prior to writing the post because I know Clone Wars is a touchy subject for many members of the Community. Thank you for reading, please, if you respond to this and disagree with the post, please explain why, don't just leave a "-1 dumb" post, I really want to know why you don't think this is a good idea. If you agree with me, please share a fond memory of Clone Wars, or something you'd like to see on the new Clone Wars, as well as some reasons that I may have missed as to why Clone Wars is worth trying again. Below this and within the spoiler are some images from Clone Wars, feel free to share your own. Kind regards, - Chubbs
  9. Chubbs


  10. The ability to kick management out of our own TS channel
  11. -1 leaning to neutral, I believe tinky is a wonderful member of the community there's no doubt about it but after reading the applications and event ideas I cant help but be a little disappointed in the lack of detail. in the answers and the event ideas, if this wasn't tinky's application this would be receiving -1 and neutrals but because he is known on the server I personally don't think its fair that he doesn't have to try on his application as an application can say a lot about a persons intent and how serious they are about becoming an event master. if you can add more detail and more effort into the application I would be happy to change this to a +1, but for now I'm staying -1 leaning to neutral
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