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  1. The ability to kick management out of our own TS channel
  2. -1 leaning to neutral, I believe tinky is a wonderful member of the community there's no doubt about it but after reading the applications and event ideas I cant help but be a little disappointed in the lack of detail. in the answers and the event ideas, if this wasn't tinky's application this would be receiving -1 and neutrals but because he is known on the server I personally don't think its fair that he doesn't have to try on his application as an application can say a lot about a persons intent and how serious they are about becoming an event master. if you can add more detail and more effort into the application I would be happy to change this to a +1, but for now I'm staying -1 leaning to neutral
  3. +1 these look beautiful, although first couple photos are a little questionable
  4. +1 looks good my dude
  5. who will i sack tap now ;( @Wombatiacus
  6. mmmmmm could have done better myself (im kidding i want downvotes)
  7. Name: Khronos Server Playtime: uhhh 4-5 weeks Have you played Mount & Blade previously?: like ages ago but its a style of game im getting into thanks to splonter Extra Info: Master Shifu would be proud
  8. @Wolf you bring a tear to my eye. i salute to you. but for real this is actually really cool to see man i hope everyone stays safe
  9. Who is this guy lmao

    1. Zote


      idk man wth

    2. Splonter


      whoever sees this message is a g

  10. bailey there are little kids that play smh including young @Rickle............
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