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  1. Bump Still wanna thank all the people that have supported my app
  2. Bump, Thanks, guys for the support.
  3. Bump! Thank you to the beautiful people that have +1 my application.
  4. Bump Fix my answers for the questions and created more pac3
  5. Active Knows the rules of the server Friendly +1
  6. Whoops, I was doing this app get like 3am, Wrong place. If a someone could move this to the imperial Pac area, I will be most thankful
  7. Steam Details Steam Name: Alpha The Magical Marshmallow Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:72278265 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198104822259/ In Game Details In Game Name: 《97-07》 Oxland In Game Rank: Major In Game Regiment: Chimaera Squad Time Played Imperial RP (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): https://imgur.com/a/NNv9nuw Time Played Clone Wars RP (Server Time/Screenshot evidence):  PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: In my time on Garry's mod, On past Role-playing servers. I have used pac3 on many different servers. From DarkRP server to Clone warsRP servers, However on a basic level. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): This is a tricky question, Being trusted with powers on Garry's mod servers can be easily be abused and has happened to be others, However, with my experience as staff on different and many servers, I like to believe that I can be trusted with Pac3. This is a small part of my plan to become staff, In my mind. I believe it is time to kick my butt into gear and help out the server with my time and experience. But I like to take small steps, So. My goal is to get Pac3, and better myself by learning the complex system of Pac3. But for now, I believe I should be trusted with Pac3 because I aim to help the server by helping its wonderful people of this community and enhancing my role-playing experience. Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph): There are many reasons I would like to have Pac3. The main point is to enhance my role-playing experience on this wonderful server. With Pac3, The only limit I have is my imagination. No matter what regiment I join, I can enhance my role-playing experience to myself or others. With this, I can have even more fun with myself. and experience it with others. However, even with this as my main point. There are several points of why I would like to have Pac3. Anywhere from Learning the complex system to better myself, too When I am much better, I can be the one that people come for help. Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I wouldn't use the word "deserve", Due to it sounding like I Demanding it. I would like to think to myself it as Asking for the chance to have the privilege to use it. Having Pac3 would better me, By learning the complex system of Pac3. it will enhance my skill too help the wonderful people of this great community and teaching them how to use Pac3. Of tho that I am on a basic level of Pac3 right now, By each day. I am learning new techniques and new ideas from the amazing people that are masters at Pac3 on the forums and by asking them around for help. By giving me Pac3. Helping me learn how to use more advanced techniques. I will be able to give those lessons back to the great community by helping those who are having trouble with Pac3 PAC3 Examples: My first pac3 with the help of bailey (This pac is the only one that has bailey pac with it All other pacs have been created by me and me alone) https://imgur.com/a/H9VEa2Y The back of pac3 With all of the groups https://imgur.com/a/ZpQkTiY This is back when I was a heavy of chimaera, It still needs to be worked on https://imgur.com/a/wTuMe0V Newest Pac3 My new main pac, This one is built from scratch https://imgur.com/a/eW3ivIf https://imgur.com/a/4nqGkDV Chimaera Officer uniform with gasmask https://imgur.com/a/eHBI4iL https://imgur.com/a/VQjupw4 I would also like to thank @Bailey for letting me use his chimaera Pac3. With his Pac3. I was able to build off it and add all kinds of things to it. *Edit* Thanks guys for the feedback, I've changed the answers of the questions a bit and I'm going to starting working on making more Pac3s from scratch
  8. +1 He's a minge, But you gonna love him
  9. Build a TV on the security bridge level for the chimaera troopers so we dont get bored
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