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  1. i reckon change then all the veteran players will have new stuff and wont leave
  2. jack

    More Specific Rules

    this is only a suggestion so it might not happen
  3. jack

    More Specific Rules

    if you do you will help the admin but you shoulnt have to the owner should be organising this
  4. jack

    More Specific Rules

    -1 rep wtf me give u +1
  5. jack

    More Specific Rules

    thanks for the support ramsay
  6. jack

    More Specific Rules

    i cant even find a tab on the forums for the rules to see what rules they have right now
  7. jack

    More Specific Rules

    should just be one page stating all this not it being on ts. new players should just join then press !forums then bam rules pop up. then when you train people you can tell them to have a quick look at the rules not ohh bro go download ts to see the rules
  8. jack

    More Specific Rules

    yea not trying to get you in trouble just showing that they arent showinf this to the public which they should be doing
  9. jack

    More Specific Rules

    this should be on the forums not just to super admin +
  10. jack

    More Specific Rules

    - Made by Martibo - WIP If you're a Superadmin + PM Martibo on TS for Access
  11. jack

    More Specific Rules

    yep more people arguing in ooc about the rules. i think i will count how much this happens
  12. for example make a page on forums for rules for each class like i have made a tiny example of what you can do it will take a while too make but will fix so many promblems like today cody and kassius were arguing which is highest rank and what they can do but if there where better rules kassius could just say go read rule 45 bang. then a argument is ended in 20 secs instead of a big ooc figt for 5 mins. other servers have this and this is a good server with a lot of players. there will defintly be less people getting banned and warned. it needs to been written down some where admins keep s
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