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  1. G'day Imperial Gaming, As with tradition for the past 3 years, we will be hosting our annual Imperial Gaming Community Awards this year again! Much like last year, we will host the awards ceremony for all to attend & then take a community picture which will (eventually) hang in the arcade. Other possible events on the night may occur, so be sure to stick around! The ceremony will be hosted on the 11th of December (Saturday) at 7:00 AEST time. Mark the time & date, it will not be moved. The awards to go with the ceremony have been listed below. I now leave it with you Imperial
  2. Imperial RP | Imperial Library & Important Links Hello IG, This section contains important links & handbooks (rules & regulations) about each branch on the Imperial Server for easy viewing access, as well as a minor description for what viewers can expect to see. This section may be updated any time at the discretion of IG Management. If any of these documents need updating, contact any member of Senior Staff (Senior Mod+). Last updated September 9th, 2021. Imperial Gaming (OOC): Map Textscreens Information about various Text screens located aroun
  3. Luigi

    hai I'm lynk

    Man protected me & didn't let me die, he is now my favourite Shock Trooper. @Hyperion step aside ples.
  4. Wow, where do I start Mr Cecil. One of the first people I interacted with on the server &, coincidentally, the first person I spoke to on the forums after I commented on a ban appeal. Everyone says it, but it really does feel like a few weeks ago when it all happened. Blink & here we are. Thank you Cecil for being something more to this community. Thank you for taking your own precious time to benefit the enjoyment of others. Thank you for being a friend to me & many others. Much love Sessol, good luck with your future mate <<33
  5. All my homies hate that @Jman1308 fella, reminds me of Alystair whenever I think about him. And that @Stryker dude, never heard of him.
  6. One of the most down to earth people I've had the pleasure of meeting & interacting with. It's been an honour RadCop, we're gonna miss you, some will miss you more than others. I guess that's just part of the journey. See you round buddy, all the best for you & your future.
  7. Cage the Elephant, truly a man of culture in every way. Good Luck with your future endeavors, wishing you all the best for now & the future.
  8. Broke a finger & a rib in the same game. Took two weeks to finally realise that the rib was causing me some discomfort & that my finger was turning purple. A year later, break the finger again & now I have a metal rod in my finger.
  9. Personally, if you're going to bring up a topic like this, which is completely fine, it's probably best not to shove names down the throats of players. I can't imagine anyone enjoying being publicly called out for something they'd have minimal control over. He's just trying to do his job. I don't see it as a big problem, but at the same time I don't necessarily understand the outrage that's caused as a result. It's not a fact of "Nah, you're gonna get banned because you've got an OOC name", it's more like "Just remove the brackets & have it as your name". If that's a problem, just mak
  10. Yeah, might be going shopping on those arvos after daycare. Seem to be running low on bread & milk.
  11. Yeah, I've got after school daycare. Reckon it would be pretty hectic to try & weave it into my busy schedule.
  12. Should've been in the Smithsonian
  13. I'm one of those people who "likes every & anything". I've been trying to find time to focus more-so on single players, considering I've only played multiplayer games for a majority of the last 2 - 3 years. Single Player Games: Ghost of Tsushima, Witcher 3, Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Batman Arkham Games, Forza Horizon, SWTOR (Story grind), Middle Earth Games, Red Dead Multiplayer Games: Battlefront 2, Sea of Thieves, Destiny 2, Any Tom Clancy Game, GTA 5
  14. Here are the Meeting notes for anyone who was unable to make it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b2oXuLRvk5FLWKfucm1CgUHdTfWMkP8XWxK6G2SSC20/edit Thanks to @TheNegotiator & @Greyback
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