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  1. @Cecil its been a good run man thank you for everything you did (even though i left as well) and thanks for always listening to my rants about random problems.
  2. Hey just thought i would make this saying that i am leaving the community due to a number of reason's i dont feel like going into all of them but i just wanted to thank a few people for making my time on this game and in this community so much fun @Clababsos @Captunn_Sanshunn @Yuri @TeeKay @Pro to name a few but once again cheers everyone for making this a great journey and i hope the best for the server and community.
  3. Look alright i aint the brightest bulb and my dyslexia aint helping
  4. Man its a real shame we got rid of shore troopers that scarrif event aint gonna hit different
  5. Is this so you can flex that you have to much money to spend but not on things like oh i dont know a house payment XD
  6. finally made that girl i was talking to my GF so pre good
  7. That chick and i are now FWB so thats pre pog but still depressed so thats not pog
  8. Hyperextended my knee into ripping ligaments in both my knee and foot. nothing to special
  9. Still chatting that chick up and still depressed so lifes aight rn
  10. Mostly retail but hey i got a pair of shoes that if i keep in good condition will resell for like 1 grand Hey just cause i like shoes dont mean you can call me a idoit
  11. Well considering that this month alone i spent 1500 on shoes and basketball jersey's i would say i spend a little bit
  12. Spent most of my paycheck on shoes. Been working myself to death. Been hitting this chick up. Been fighting depression. my week recapped.
  13. Honestly and not memeing week is mediocre at best
  14. Seems like its going to be a fun 3 days cant wait for these events yeff
  15. Damn i cant have all my guns and look like a walking armoury
  16. Welcome back young scorch
  17. Hey man good luck with your future endeavours
  18. The boys are back in town now we just need 224th back and we got old EVO again
  19. Hey everyone just thought i would post this saying that i have returned but i dont know how long for due to once again depression and all that jazz still happening but still glad to be back even if its only for a little bit.
  20. Yes bring back the old EVO regiments
  21. Funny how my first ever thing posted is me leaving but these things happen. Now if you cant recognise my name i was the EVO commander and i have been here for a bit over half a year but the time i have spent on the server was always good fun and even though i might be leaving i do have to say that thank you to all who have made my time on imperial gaming enjoyable. If you are curious as to why i am leaving currently i am dealing with alot of mental problems and had to drop some things to cope with that unfortunately imperial gaming was one of them, i am not going to take up anymore of yo
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