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  1. I don't we are gonna get to an understanding, but please understand I'm definetly not singling out compnor for petty rp, I'm talking about serious RP as a whole and the capacity it has to make people do petty things. This was a server wide issue when I was in IHC with people arresting each other for purely petty reasons. Yet, in accordance with serious rp, they could do that But back the main issue, my problem is the fact that a majority of the server was punished for the act of two individuals. This does not inspire respect or discipline, only a further divide. Aint gonna speak much more
  2. Absolutely and I do apologise, but you do have to point out the potential bias thought in these arguments. Most of compnors RP is very one-sided and is built off enforcing serious RP at all times, even when it is not hurting anyone. That doesn't mean what they're doing is right, if anything it's just selfish roleplay. The incidents with sith and ISB were fun, but when serious RP was put in play, people resolved to being petty and making large as documents to have people removed. Yeff said before about having leadership that can unite the other branches, but that will never happen, because no o
  3. May I point out that everyone that has disagreed primarily has been or is COMPNOR? Can you not see the problem if only one section of the server is enjoying serious RP this much?
  4. Are you saying that your time as Grand Inquisitor was all serious RP? I think you would agree that constant serious RP is exhausting and isn't fun when branches don't get along.
  5. Look I, and many people in the forums post, don't even play the server anymore and I can see why many people disagree with us. When I talk about this stuff, I speak about my experiences and what eventually caused me to leave. I agree, serious leaders are needed, but then there's bias rulings that also affect this stuff. Keep in mind that most higher members of the community are or were in ISB/COMPNOR, a regiment built off enforcing serious RP and punishing people for it (ie. a branch that makes RP off of stopping others enjoyment, which many COMPNOR have said to me before in the past). While I
  6. No, but its how an advisor or community leadership works, otherwise the community gets angry and people don't enjoy your server. Think there needs to be an understanding between understanding immersiveness and enjoyment,
  7. RP doesnt have to justify anything, a great commander can make plenty of RP out of nothing while a terrible one will do nothing with a regiment that has plenty of background and Lore. It's whatever can be done with it and if they people in it are willing to make it work, like any other regiment. Give them progression and a commander that can lead and it will work. Worst that happens, it doesn't work at it gets disbanded, that ain't a big deal. Basically what Bailey said, give it a chance and let people have their fun without trying to intrude. In the end, it is a game where people com
  8. Would tell shock this back in the day: If you are a higher up and you can gather that an AOS is petty or a waste of time, you have full right to remove it. If there's a problem, you bring it up with IHC and, if its legitimate, they will back you up. Don't know how it goes now but I imagine its the same. @Bailey is right, people need to take a step back and just enjoy the game while not impeding the enjoyment of others.
  9. Just comparing the amount of power a CL5 would have the army is quite minimal compared being a CL5 in another branch. And by power, I mean the decisions and orders you can make and how much it affects the roleplay of those around you. This is my opinion as an ex-sith who could just say "Sith business" most of time when I needed to explain myself. Don't get me wrong, being in AHC has been cool, but there are things I miss, one of which is being able to side step some protocols that others can't so I don't have to waste time typing and explain myself instead of actually having fun and playing th
  10. Howdy all, I know I don't usually post on the forums but thought people would like this. About a year ago, probably longer, while I was in PT, @Jay Lamar introduced us to a DnD style role play game he made in which we played out missions as our IG characters and hunted down Jedi and such. I really didn't like DnD at the time, but this was super simple to learn, fun and most (if not all) the Inquis boys loved it. These were later called 'Shyrack' missions, named after the INQT ship some of the old boys created. Word got around and a few people either wanted to get involved and create some
  11. Dude thats most guns on the server hahaha
  12. Neither does it make sense blaming AHC when you don't know yourself if we are the reason it happened. AHC works very hard to provide RP for several regiments who all have very different roles, especially those who aren't EMs or in the staff team. And I'm not saying just DT, but many of those regiments outside of military do not have to follow our orders or protocol, which for new players is a great incentive (just ask the guy who joined PT and within 2 minutes told Hammer to go f**k himself cause he didn't have to follow his orders). I understand that recruitment is slow but I am simply saying
  13. AHC is and has been responsible for 2 of the biggest overhauls to try and improve military on the server, provide training and RP for at least 3 separate and often varying regiments and doing clearance and heavy tests. AHC has been consistently working to provide RP and incentive, but many regiments such as PT and DT provide a greater incentive overall for a gun wielding regiment without as much over watch from security regiments (Very powerful loadout, getting to fight saber wielders, not following Military orders, etc). Now this is just my experiences from being a PT CO and thinking on why I
  14. Mate I wish the best of luck for you, your brother and your family. You're a sick cunt and definitely gonna be missed.
  15. In the past, if the Massif went around and minged or randomly attacked people, the Hound Trooper it was assigned to was punished. It led to Hound Troopers not using the massifs and them being stuck in the brig. Will the same rules apply or is there gonna be a change to that?
  16. Making my very small comment on this, yes, he could absolutely take bribes as there is little to no evidence provided to say that he wouldn't. It could easily fit in Inquisitor/Sith RP. On another note, at some point a shock trooper says that I was on their side of the argument. Absolutely not true and, if anything, I believe both sides could've dealt with the issue better.
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