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  1. Always up to run one and show how its done
  2. Howdy all, I know I don't usually post on the forums but thought people would like this. About a year ago, probably longer, while I was in PT, @Jay Lamar introduced us to a DnD style role play game he made in which we played out missions as our IG characters and hunted down Jedi and such. I really didn't like DnD at the time, but this was super simple to learn, fun and most (if not all) the Inquis boys loved it. These were later called 'Shyrack' missions, named after the INQT ship some of the old boys created. Word got around and a few people either wanted to get involved and create some
  3. Dude thats most guns on the server hahaha
  4. Neither does it make sense blaming AHC when you don't know yourself if we are the reason it happened. AHC works very hard to provide RP for several regiments who all have very different roles, especially those who aren't EMs or in the staff team. And I'm not saying just DT, but many of those regiments outside of military do not have to follow our orders or protocol, which for new players is a great incentive (just ask the guy who joined PT and within 2 minutes told Hammer to go f**k himself cause he didn't have to follow his orders). I understand that recruitment is slow but I am simply saying
  5. AHC is and has been responsible for 2 of the biggest overhauls to try and improve military on the server, provide training and RP for at least 3 separate and often varying regiments and doing clearance and heavy tests. AHC has been consistently working to provide RP and incentive, but many regiments such as PT and DT provide a greater incentive overall for a gun wielding regiment without as much over watch from security regiments (Very powerful loadout, getting to fight saber wielders, not following Military orders, etc). Now this is just my experiences from being a PT CO and thinking on why I
  6. Mate I wish the best of luck for you, your brother and your family. You're a sick cunt and definitely gonna be missed.
  7. Big +1. Prior knowledge and experience, trusted member of the community and a mad lad.
  8. In the past, if the Massif went around and minged or randomly attacked people, the Hound Trooper it was assigned to was punished. It led to Hound Troopers not using the massifs and them being stuck in the brig. Will the same rules apply or is there gonna be a change to that?
  9. Making my very small comment on this, yes, he could absolutely take bribes as there is little to no evidence provided to say that he wouldn't. It could easily fit in Inquisitor/Sith RP. On another note, at some point a shock trooper says that I was on their side of the argument. Absolutely not true and, if anything, I believe both sides could've dealt with the issue better.
  10. Tinky has already shown dedication to ensuring that most (if not all) players in the community have a chance to do some enjoyable RP and participate in fun events. He's a well known and trusted member of the community, easy +1.
  11. This game is sponsored by G-Fuel. Use code: GI to receive a discount on all G-Fuel products.
  12. - Overall sick lad - Trusted member of the community - Very friendly +1 for this dude
  13. BUMP Changed rank. Cheers boys!
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