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  1. BUMP Updates server time and rank, cheers dudes!!
  2. BUMP Updated a few deets. Cheers for the feedback guys!!
  3. BUMP Updated rank and in-game name.
  4. BUMP Updated server time. Thanks guys
  5. Bump time boys and girls! No updates so far. Cheers for the feedback so far!!
  6. BUMP Thanks for new feedback guys. I added more detail to the scenarios this time as that was one of the main criticisms. Again, please feel free to chuck me any feedback as that helps me improve my application. Cheers dudes!!!
  7. +1 Active, responsible and trustworthy. 100% deserves the role
  8. BUMP Thanks for all the feedback so far guys! Please do let me know if I can improve in any area.
  9. Phat +1 -Top bloke -Active -Very mature and responsible -Awesome member of the community Would be a mad as mod. Good luck man!!!
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