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  1. HE DIDN'T TAKE A SINGLE BREATH AT ALL DURING THE SPEECH (He only stopped to read the script)
  2. Lets see how it looks in gmod
  3. A good way to tell if the steam login is legit is to check where the information is sending to via f12 or something like that or simply checking the url of the page you are putting your details in. It should ALWAYS say Steamcommunity in the url as the domain.
  4. Can't wait to go back to my roots tomorrow
  5. Good to know this happens to other people videos don't even load for me for some reason.
  6. Maybe an option to switch between blue and dark themed?
  7. o7 Good luck with your future endeavours, love ya mate. (Still remember when you couldn't do climb swep when you were at sergeant)
  8. +1 Would be nice for engineers to be able to do more in events.
  9. Make them 3D next time, they look great otherwise. Also "Serious Roleplay"
  10. Hmmmmm, hope engineers don't destroy the ship more if the resizer tool is added
  11. Beautiful support member, they are indeed. I had lau panic once and they fixed it up in a bout 2 hours of hard work. Love their work
  12. Cause we don't have enough to do Still +1
  13. The Base addon pack is all that is required im pretty sure.
  14. Came across this when snooping around the workshop for Gmod and thought this would be a cool addon to add to the server to add some extra roleplay especially to combat scenarios, especially with the prone animations extension that they have on offer. The base pack needs to be added for the different animations to be added such as the prone one that they have in the pack. I know that a while back that the same people made a sith addon that they recommended for improved duelling but this is different and free. Let me know what you think after having a look. https://steamcommunity.com
  15. Exactly what I thought, haven't talked to you that much but you seem perfectly fine.
  16. As long as i have been in shock you have been great to chat to, nothin for you to change.
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