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  1. Do stopsound in console to stop the ambient noise
  2. Looks hort hopefully we can go on there more
  3. Yes indeed interesting, enjoyed it though
  4. +1 would probably revive the use for credits, also adding a store to spend credits on would be good.
  5. cheers I just remembered you getting told by someone else in game outside of IHC briefing area about it
  6. There is a bug that has been around for awhile that makes it so that it shows your health bar as being green, and makes you cough just like you are healthy, but when you use !selfdiag, it says that you are healthy and don't need to be healed, this is a minor bug but an annoyance when you get it though. Thank you for having a read. (Next time I get it I will add a screenshot of it)
  7. Just to support the farmers out there! As all of you should know, Australia is under the effects of one of the most severe droughts since Australia’s last big drought in 1982-83. Farmers are under extreme stress while they fight to keep their livestock fed and alive until the drought breaks. Many farms have destocked completely and are using what little savings they have left to survive on. You may think, well who cares, this is there battle. This is wrong because without farmers the clothes on your back, the food you eat and many of the cleansing products wouldn’t exist. So i
  8. Strength: 10 Perception: 1 Endurance: 1 Charisma: 1 Intelligence: 1 Agility: 6 Luck: 10
  9. Looks good, I like the different coloured scopes
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