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  1. @Ragetank @Ragetank @Ragetank @Ragetank @Ragetank
  2. would like to see a return of it
  3. Rip being navy was fun for awhile
  4. Also gonna enjoy this when it comes out looks sick
  5. Some suggestions I heard were to add back the quest points that people already had
  6. I do like the new additions to the F8 menu, the quests were already hard to do before sucks its been reset
  7. That could make is better, maybe have an option to be healed quicker with credits being spent on the droid
  8. If that doesn't work i had issues like this before and i completely deleted gmod from steam and completely deleted the gmod folder with the addons included and that seemed to fix it. My addon for lightsabers are still broken though if anyone knows how to fix that lemme know
  9. Don't let them heal ec's and it would help relieve medics of their jobs, maybe make it cost a couple credits per x amount healed. And also maybe let them be purchased from the point shop or earned from the skill point shop
  10. Think they did do training for this today
  11. Regiments already do sync salute, such as vf, doing an enture server wide one would be way to laggy especially with everyone being in the same spot. Hopefully the lag calms down doing events as well though
  12. where are you going hmst?
  13. We going on it on thursday or before?
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