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  1. Nothing new, welly hasnt had a response in ages, just shows the activity of the administration team.
  2. Wonder when there will be a response given
  3. This looks really good, would love to see this added
  4. Yea I think you are a cool guy
  5. Neutral, never seen this guy in the community, hope I can see you one day. AKA who phone who dis?
  6. Wow this looks so good, hope it gets added so i can roleplay batter
  7. +1, as long as i've know Auzzi he has been a very helpful and can be serious when required, I personally think he is perfect for the moderator position
  8. Thank you very much for this information
  9. Thank you very much for clearing this up and the Gandhi's blessing, I will continue to change my attitude towards the server and continue to be more serious on the server with my new role in CFP
  10. I am applying for this position as I said above to give myself more seriousness towards the server rather than just a place to muck around, I usually minge when I am a bored and as i said before I love work to do, that is why i'm applying for this position as well as wanting to help put more towards the server. Thank you for the feedback though, could of been a bit less harsh
  11. Not able to change the formatting like unbolding it all for some reason otherwise I would of made it much easier to read, thank you for the feedback
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