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  1. This looks really good, would love to see this added
  2. Yea I think you are a cool guy
  3. Wow this looks so good, hope it gets added so i can roleplay batter
  4. Thank you very much for this information
  5. Sorry tinky I will try my absolute best to make it up to you.
  6. Completely understand that and know that the server gets these kind of amounts of players all the time now, hopefully something can be found for a fix for it becuase sometimes it is hard for me to even be able to understand what people are saying from the stuttering. Thank you for trying your best with trying to make it bearable I and many others playing on the server appreciate your team's dedication. Many thanks, BillyBob
  7. Pls make points display on hud bigger and make an option to change the colour.
  8. Please fix lag, sometimes it's so laggy I can't understand what people are saying in game, I don't know if it is just me though. Let me know if anyone else is getting it.
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