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  1. TomCos

    ridge ban

    -1 Doesn't use correct ban appeal template
  2. It started in recruit room, it should have ended there xd
  3. This happened like 10 minutes ago with lucky... Its mingy and needs to stop.
  4. Couldnt agree more! Good job on 1k
  5. Largest +1I can give someone Mature Active Very Nice Good Ideas Detailed
  6. Nutrual Active Mature Detailed App The only negative is the two bans
  7. TomCos

    Prone Addon

    Have you tried it with like the dropship? because ctrl makes you go down? also have you tried it with the guns to see if it works properly or if it only works with hl2 guns as shown within the videos.
  8. TomCos

    The Sandpeople

    Kinda sounds like sans tbh
  9. You are a bol... I mean Welcome back
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