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  1. Nice would really like seing this on the sever
  2. TomCos

    Found a cool video

    Thank you Kosmos Very Cool
  3. I'll give some more detail on the situation. You just logged onto the server a recruit and it spat out the exploit script It also had happened 2-3 times from different people that night. Neutral
  4. Still trash at pac change my mind jk ily wishes from ken s
  5. SMH @LuckyMikey Do your home work kid
  6. You use Firefox though? @Vanilla
  7. TomCos

    Gregs Ban appeal

    @Peter Remember only staff can post on ban appeals
  8. TomCos

    Gregs Ban appeal

    -1 I've seen you been quite mingy in the past and 1 day is not a long enough time to reflect upon your actions Also I'd like to hear Cody's (Thrawn) side of the story because when you say you were wrongfully banned
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